Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday-The Way to my Heart

Happy Tuesday!  I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this fun little post.

There are several ways to my heart, because I am a pretty simple person.  Here are some ways that the boys in my house win me over.

I love when someone does something without me asking them.  (Jonah randomly vacuums.)  I feel like I say so much every day that it's nice to just have someone jump in and do something like that.  (I am fairly certain that his love language is acts of service, because he is always doing things like this around our house.)

I love when Drew is super affectionate with me, like right after he consumed a dinner I made for him that he had been asking for, for weeks.  (Last night's dinner was such~sour cream chicken enchiladas.)  The way to his heart is through food!

I love when Graham comes into my room late at night to talk about life.  As the oldest son, he is very independent and strong and doesn't usually ask for advice, but every once in a blue moon, he gets talkative at night and will come and hang out in my room for a bit and talk to me.  This NEVER gets old!  I feel that as the oldest, he grew up really quickly, especially because Drew was born when he was thirteen months old.  He never had time to himself as the only child, and that has made him fiercely independent.  That is a great quality for a young man to have, though, because we are raising future husbands and fathers, and he needs to be that way.  It's just that he's always been that way.  Sometimes I just want him to act like a kid again.  (He's always been really mature for his age.)

I love when Noah laughs really hard.  He has always been my most serious minded son, and even from the age of about two years old, he rarely smiled or laughed.  I love that as he's gotten older, he has learned to loosen up a bit, and I especially love it when he laughs really hard.  It's such a sweet sound to me!  The older he gets, the funnier he gets (and more like his big brother, Drew), and every once in a while, he will say something that makes Todd and me burst out laughing.  He has a great laugh and it is always contagious, and it makes my heart all fuzzy inside.

(I saved the best for last.)  I love that Toddley has a heart for others.  I cannot tell you how many times we've seen him stop and help someone on the road, or how many times he has bought a homeless person lunch if they were in need.  I love that he loves to give to others.  He is teaching this to our sons, without even knowing it, and they are learning from the best.

What are some ways to your heart?

Love to all!

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