Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I came across a really amazing blog yesterday.  You know how I've been writing out Scripture since November?  The lady who created all those guides is from a blog called Sweet Blessings.  You can click on the name or on the button at the side of my blog to see hers.  She has so many great things to print out!  I grabbed one this morning and did just that.  I also printed out my March Scripture writing plan.

Speaking of that, I am still going strong.  I love writing out those verses so much, and though I have fallen behind several times, I always catch up and stay caught up until the next time I get a day or two behind.  ;)

Yesterday was a great day.  I spent the morning doing bible study homework for my homeschool group we go to every Thursday.  Next week we're meeting on Monday, though, so because it's the first day of the week, I went ahead and did this week's and next week's homework so I wouldn't stress about it over the weekend.  We're still studying in Daniel, though now we're in the prophesy part.  It was cold and drizzly outside, and by nine a.m., I had dinner in the Crock Pot.

(Actually, as I wrote that, God just totally convicted me.  On the outside, yes, it was a great day, but I was in a MOOD and had to apologize multiple times to my loved ones.  I'd say it was PMS, but since I no longer have those parts, I don't know if it was or not.  I'm going with the fact that it was.  I'll be darned if it didn't start to happen again today!  And yes, I have been praying and yes, I am staying in a prayerful state all the live long day.)

Too much information?  Sorry.

Anyway, dinner was delicious...we had a bit of an indoor picnic after our half hour walk~we didn't walk long because all of us were so hungry.

Of course we took a picture to document.  I'm smiling and laughing a little as I write this.  I love these women and I am so thankful to God for the friends He has given me.

I am also thankful that I was up and moving yesterday.  My foot started hurting halfway through our walk, but we just slowed the pace for me.  I think the rain made it hurt worse yesterday, but this morning it seems to be fine.

I'm so glad it's Wednesday!  I can't wait for church tonight.  I hope your day is great.  Love to all!

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