Thursday, February 25, 2016

the weekday I love

I don't know if you remember (it depends on how long you've been reading this blog, it would have been more than four years ago), but I used to HATE Thursdays.  That started way back when I was in high school.  In case you don't remember, or if you're new to the blog, I'll give you a refresher.

We used to have chapel on Thursdays, and the reason I hated chapel was because of one teeny tiny (MAJORLY HUGE, IMPORTANT, LIFE ALTERING) incident.  It started innocently with me in my favorite outfit of all time~a bright blue pleated skirt and a sweater with huge stripes from The Limited, and matching tights.  I thought I looked adorable in that outfit, and I wore it proudly.  This one particular Thursday, I stopped by the girls' room before entering the chapel, and when I left, walked out and all the way down to the front row in the auditorium, with my friend Tabitha behind me.  I heard snickering but never stopped to turn around, for fear that someone was laughing at me.  Wouldn't you know it?  They were.  My skirt was tucked into my tights, and I paraded in front of practically the whole school with my rear end on show for everyone.

It was quite unfortunate.

But now?  I love Thursdays!  It's our homeschool group day.  (This is our last year there, and I am sad!)  I love what we're studying, I love studying the Bible the precept way (inductively), and I love, love, love my small group ladies.  They are sweet and encouraging and prayerful and exhorting when the need arises.  I come away each week feeling so refreshed.

This morning I left Graham at home, sick with sinuses.  Drew went home with a friend after classes, and the rest of us came back home.  We left here early in the afternoon to go to my mom-in-love's house to visit before dinner, then we went and ate at the CiCi's in Cordova.  My kids miss our CiCi's that used to be here in The Ville.    When we left to come home, I remembered this church that I passed with my sweet friend who was in town last week, and stopped to take a picture.

Isn't it pretty?  I have a thing for churches and steeples.  Today was a really good day.  My kids are all happy because that same friend Drew went home with today is now here to spend the night.  Some of us are downstairs, and some of them are upstairs, but this mama is about to hit the hay.  I have a new book to read and it's calling my name.  I am just starting on the third book from The Mitford Series by Jan Karon.

Love to all!


  1. Why is this your last year!?? You love it!!!! You will be greatly missed.

  2. I do love it so much! It's expensive, for one thing, though that may be changing next year, but the boys don't have many friends there and they don't love it anymore. Not that I let them dictate, but I don't want to pay so much if they don't love it. I have been so thankful for our time there, though. I love the ladies so much and love studying God's word with them, but I know that He is calling me to something different for our next school year. I am teaching my boys to study the Precept way, for one thing and aside from that, I don't know what else He has in store for us. I'm excited and sad, all at the same time, though. Ha!


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