Thursday, May 12, 2016

a day in the life

I love a day in the life type post...I love reading them, and I love writing them.  Since school is wrapping up for us, and since I've adopted a new kind of routine each day around here, I thought I'd share.  I can totally see this being our summer schedule or routine.  Or maybe not, but you get my drift.  (I am a routine kind of gal, in case you're forgotten that about me.)

This was Wednesday.

I woke up (after being awake from three to five again) at seven and came downstairs to let the dogs out and feed them.  As soon as I let them out and they're content eating their food, I settle at the kitchen table for my quiet time.  The time I spend here each day varies, but yesterday it was about an hour that I spent praying, reading my bible and writing out the verses in my May Scripture Writing plan.

When I finished that, I made Todd's to-go coffee and a to-go water for him, made me a cup of coffee and made another half pot of coffee for Graham and Drew.  (Yes, we all drink coffee, and no, there is not a coffee pot big enough.)

I turned on K-Love (or Air One) and brought my coffee into the living room computer desk.  I neatened up the room as I walked in, straightening the couches and their pillows, bringing any stray dishes or glasses into the kitchen and I turned on my mantle lights.  Yesterday morning, I lit the new candle a sweet girl from church gave me for mother's day.  While I'm at the computer, I check emails, get on Facebook for a few minutes (I try to spend a minimum amount of time on this) and I write a blog post and read the blogs I love the most.

After all this, I woke the boys up.  (I did say we are wrapping up school and we do homeschool, so they are able to sleep in most mornings.)

They brought down the dirty clothes, and while they got breakfast for themselves, I started a load of laundry.  I have found a groove in laundry, and that is that if I do one COMPLETE load every single day, I will never get behind.  This means that I wash the clothes, dry them, fold them and put them all away.  This leaves my washing machine and drier empty for the next day.

After starting the laundry yesterday, I cleaned up and started the dishwasher in the kitchen, and then I moved on to dusting.  Jonah started vacuuming the house, along with Graham and Noah, and I dusted while they did that.  I put the clothes into the drier and made a gallon of tea and wiped off all the kitchen counters.  Sometime soon after this, the dishes were done and I dried them off and put them away.  The boys usually help with that.

I made myself lunch (the boys weren't hungry yet)~yesterday was a couple spoonfuls of tuna (made healthy style) on top of a big bed of lettuce.  I had yogurt for dessert and I let the dogs lick the container from which I ate.  (It's their favorite thing ever and it is adorable to watch.  Just don't tell Todd.)

After lunch, the drier was done, so I took all the clothes upstairs and made my bed.  I folded the load, the boys each got their own piles and put them away and I got dressed in workout clothes.  I was at the gym at church by twelve thirty, and my friend Lori met me there.  (Walking is more fun with friends!)

I walked three miles on the treadmill and then we left the gym together.  That put me back home by about one forty five and I got more water to drink and grabbed a snack and sat down to rest for a while.

That was me yesterday.  My snack was a serving of Terra Exotic Vegetable chips and a KIND bar.  Well, and a bite of Graham's leftover taquito he made for lunch.

I read for the afternoon, while the boys were upstairs.  Graham was finishing up Algebra 2 and Jonah and Noah were playing on the X-Box or on their phones.  Graham and Jonah left for church at four fifteen to do the sound and lyrics for the youth that night and Noah and I stayed here.  We ate an early dinner~he had leftover Beer Cheddar Joe's from Monday night and I had a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup in broth.  (Don't be impressed~it was Progresso.)  We left for church at five fifteen.

I signed kids in for Children's Worship Choir until six thirty and then I went to youth.

This was them praying for the seniors.  Tears.  I did take this picture and then I prayed for them myself.  I stayed in the back, though.  I love that in having choir practice on Sunday, it frees me up for youth on Wednesday nights.  I love seeing these amazing teenagers each week, midweek.

Right after church, at 7:40, I had to run Abbey to get her car from a nearby dealership and then I went back to church to pick up Jonah and Noah.  Graham and Drew went to Chick Fil A with friends.

We came home and got snacks (I HATE eating dinner so early, because I get hungry again!) and played with the new Roomba Todd bought for us!  I am so excited about this little's amazing!  I also hate Callie's hair.  This is her major shedding season, which apparently happens twice a year.  Spring and Fall, maybe?

By nine, I'd had all I could take (not really, I just like to go to bed early) and headed upstairs.  I washed my face and put on my pj's and read for a little while, then I watched an episode of Army Wives on Netflix.  Two episodes, actually, then I fell asleep.

And that was Wednesday.  They're always kinda crazy because of church on this night, but I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world.  ;)

Love to all!

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