Tuesday, May 17, 2016

some things my people are loving right now

I thought I'd share some of the things people in my house are loving right now.


He loves his Bronco, and he especially loves it even more now that it's louder.  I drove it on Saturday and man alive, when you hit the gas pedal, you can feel it in your bones.  (I like it too.)

He loves watching series of shows on Netflix.  His top picks would probably be Friends, The Office and How I Met Your Mother.

He also LOVES soccer.  Last week he scored three of the goals his team made.


Drew is loving being an independent driver.  He honestly forgets that he can drive now, and all of a sudden, he'll remember and offer to go do something for me.

He loves watching Arrow every single Wednesday night after church.  He and Graham will disappear upstairs when they get home from Chick Fil A (also after church) and I can hear them down the hall yelling at the television.

He is loving his friends right now.  There is a really great group of teenagers that he and Graham hang out with and they have so much fun together.  They make plans throughout the week to eat together, or to go hammock or just out for yogurt.  I love this!


This one still loves any show on television that has anything to do with law enforcement.  He is borderline obsessed, actually, and always has been.

He loves staying downstairs late every night with Todd.  We will go to bed, or upstairs, and Jonah will stay down here with Todd until who knows when.

Jonah loves Callie.  He loves Crash, too, but he is really enamored with Callie and takes really good care of her.  (He is my hardest working boy.)


Noah loves having a phone and being social.  He is always texting his friends and I love their sweet friendships.

He loves working out.  He has been working out with our neighbor twice a week for about a month now, but when he's not over at their garage, he is doing some exercises on his own that Troy gave him to do at home.

He is also on a healthy eating kick and he is my accountability partner for that.  He and I often eat the same things at home, or when we're out.  He is eating healthier because certain foods really hurt his stomach and we have learned that when he eats healthy, he doesn't have those problems.  (It was too much junk food.)


Todd is loving learning about a new smart watch he found.  He's thinking about buying it for himself and is still currently researching what people are saying about it.

He looks forward to watching a couple of shows every week: Deadliest Catch and The Voice.  We talked about The Voice last night and we have some favorites already.  I don't usually watch it with him because I go to bed so much earlier, but will watch the next day or two.

He loves his new cups that his mom bought for him.  They look just like the Yeti cups, but they're a different brand.  He has been filling them up with ice and water and will drink from it all day.  (I'm proud of him for this one, he is not a fan of water!)


I've been reading from James the past few days.  I love this New Testament book!  Such practical advice and such admonition come from it, and the words pierce your heart.  Also, I love my May scripture writing plan.  That's what this picture is below.  Yesterday I wrote from Jeremiah 29.

One song that I love right now is The Song of Moses.  Here is the YouTube video.

Watch it!  It's so good.  And it inspired me to read from Exodus this morning.  I was trying to find this passage that the lyrics come from.

One last thing is something that's kinda a new tradition for me and the boys, and that is that when we go to Costco, my mom comes with us.  Now that she is retired, I get to see her more than I did before.  I know that's not a big deal, but to me it is.  I love the everyday little things that make up life.  Those are the moments that matter most to me.

Well, have a great day!  My coffee just ran out, so I have to go get another cup.  And I need to do some laundry and then eventually I will go walk in the gym at church.  And tonight we have plans with some sweet friends!  A double date, actually, and I cannot wait.  I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Love to all!

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