Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the weekend, a day late

We had family in town over the weekend.  It was such a fun few days spent with them.  Denise, Katie and Joe live near Chicago, and we saw them last year, at this exact same time.  They were here from Thursday night until Sunday morning.  Originally they were going to leave Saturday morning, but we talked them into staying through until Sunday.

The boys were so excited about seeing them that they agreed to take this picture.  I actually got one that is pretty decent of all of them, but this one is so typical that it´s my new favorite.  I love the way that Graham is smiling.

I had invited Phyllis and Wiley over for dinner as well, so they could see them.  Denise is Phyllis´ niece.

On Friday we just took our time doing nothing.  I did some laundry, I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and eventually we left for lunch.  The kids wanted them to eat at Pyro´s and they wanted to show them their favorite park.  So we did all that and had a blast.

We made a Kroger run and came home.  Denise made us TWO chocolate pecan pies that were to die for.  After dinner, Graham, Drew and Katie went to the football game and hung out here and played games.  Drew ended up coming home earlier because he didn´t stay for the game, but when Graham and Katie got back, we all played games again.

That is my favorite thing about them visiting...we just sit and talk and laugh and play games the whole time.  Usually we sit more at the kitchen table more than anywhere else, and I love that.

That afternoon before they went to the game, I caught them doing this.  Just sitting on the trampoline, talking.  The boys got a new trampoline mat and they put it on as soon as the UPS man delivered it.

On Saturday we woke up to rain, and everyone slept late.  It was glorious.  I did get out a little bit, but only for about a half hour, and everyone else stayed in that day.  For dinner that night we ordered pizza and got a huge chocolate cake from Costco.  Phyllis and Wiley came over again and we played Tripoley until almost midnight.

She killed us at this game.

They went back home Sunday morning, and as always, it was sad saying goodbye.  We love them so much, and I was so thankful they got to visit us for a few days.  I cannot wait until the next time they´re here.

And, because I started a new book last night, I thought I´d share what I´m currently reading.

Seems appropriate, since I turn forty in December.  Amazon recommended this one.  I´ll let you know what I think about it when I finish it.

Love to all!

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