Monday, September 26, 2016

the weekend

I love a good weekend.  It doesn't matter whether or not I work outside my home, there's just something about a couple days in a row off, with my whole family that makes my heart quicken with anticipation.  I love to get my home cleaned and my pantry and fridge stocked for this time, too, in case friends come over unexpectedly.

On Friday morning, we did that.  I caught these two in their newly cleaned room, and I had to stop and steal a quick picture.

It doesn't matter that they're halfway to fourteen, they love spending time together.  I love their's something that is unique in twins.  I pray they're always this close.  Not just them, but ALL my boys.  I pray that their bond never dulls.

We had a quick dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches that night, because there was a women's event at church that I had made plans to attend.  Todd ended up going as well, and the boys; Todd to work the video simulcast and lights and the boys to play football and soccer with their friends outside the church.

This event was Cry Out, and it was put on by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.  It was a world wide simulcast event, and there were women praying together across the globe.  It was a WONDERFUL night.  There were times of worship throughout and we would either pray in groups of three, or collectively as a large group.  We prayed for us (confession, repentance), our families, our country and government and missions throughout the world.  It was about three hours long, and when I got home, I felt like it should have been close to eleven, but it wasn't even ten.

I didn't stay awake long after the rest of the guys got home.

On Saturday morning, I got out to run a few errands and to grocery shop.

I spent an hour in this place, just looking at things and for one thing to buy for my mantle.  I found what I was looking for, and a little sprig of something fall-ish for an arrangement I made for my mantle Thursday, and at forty percent off the regular price.

Todd just rolled his eyes.

If he's reading this.

I grocery shopped after this and it was a HUGE trip.  I haven't been on a full grocery trip since vacation.  We've gotten bits and pieces here and there, and I'd send the boys for something specific, but I shopped with the intention of making breakfasts, and lunches and dinners this week, and for bags of chips, because we had none.  Sometimes I just need a bite of something that is salty and crunchy.

My boys were thrilled to see what all I bought.

That night Todd worked, and my sister Trish came to eat with the boys and me and to FaceTime our niece who is pregnant with twins.  The gender reveal party was that night, in Colorado, and we found out that she is having GIRLS!  They're identical and will be named Kinsley and Kyleigh.

I'm already in love.

Yesterday was church most of the day and we ended in community groups last night.

I have breakfast in the oven, as I write this, and I am about to call all the boys downstairs to start our day.  I am LOVING that the weather is cooler this week!

It's really pretty here today, and kinda windy, which is fine with me.  I know the boys will be glad to be outside in this glorious weather.

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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