Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I've been looking forward to this day (and night) for a couple of weeks, but more about that at the end.

I'm linking up with Andrea (&friends) from Momfessionals for this post.

This picture that I captured that recreated their awkward moment from a year ago is my favorite picture of all from Saturday night.  As was Drew's response when I asked him how homecoming was.  He said, "The food was AMAZING."

That boy.  He may be sixteen, but some things about him will never change.  He has been this way since the age of two, and food has always been his favorite.

I have a picture of him sitting in a booster seat at a kitchen table with a fork in one hand, and eating a pancake dripping with syrup in the other.  (He was one and a half or two at the time.)  I don't know why this picture reminds me of that time.

This night was a favorite moment from the week.  It was at my friend Sunday's house, and these are the girls (most of them) who signed up to be big sisters in the Big Sis/Little Sis program.  This was the big sis initiation night, and we made them a really yummy dinner, then Abbey shared with them, then the leaders each took two or three girls and prayed over them.

I love when nights like this are both fun AND meaningful.

It's no secret that journaling is one of my favorite things of all time.  I love journals, too, and I have loved this one you see above.  But I'm nearing the end of it, and I need a new one, and sometimes, I dread that.  I LOVE flipping back through and reading some of what I've written.  On this day above, in my quiet time, you see where I read in the Bible.  I always write that down so I can keep up with where I am.  I usually will write out a verse that stood out to me that morning, and I sometimes expound on a passage, like the one from Exodus.

God has been reminding me lately that He is the One who controls the hearts of those around us.  When people are mean to my kids, or when someone unnecessarily snaps at me, I need to remember this, and then I need to just stop and pray for them.  And my for myself, that I remember that not all people are believers.  And believers (are supposed to) act differently than unbelievers.

I posted this picture on yesterday's post, and it's one of my favorites.  I love his laugh and I miss him when he's gone!  He and Graham made it home safely last night, around nine, and I slept so much better with all of us back under the same roof.

He is still my very favorite.

At the risk of sounding redundant, one of my favorite things to do is to read in my Bible and mark it all up.  I know some people really have issues with writing in their Bibles, but consider this.  When you die, wouldn't it be awesome for your family members to be able to read from your Bible and see what all you marked or highlighted or wrote in the margins?  I have the Bible that belonged to my Mammaw, and I still will flip through its pages every once in a while.  I just did that a few days ago, as I was cleaning.

That's what I do with all of mine.  (I start a new one every few years.)  I write out prayers for my family, I write names that the Lord places on my heart and how I'm praying for them, and I write out or draw around phrases that jump out at me.

I once heard a beloved Bible teacher say that we should wear our Bibles out.

And though it sounds contradictory, I don't want to be so attached to mine that I wouldn't ever give it away to someone who I thought could maybe use a Bible.  I always want to be open to doing that, if the Lord should lead me that way.

On a much lighter note, my favorite color of polish right now is this one you see above.  I pulled it out the other day, when I had some time to sit and let them dry.  It's from OPI (Do I even need to say that, still?) and it's called Eurso Euro.

I love Fall!  And that I can pull out my old favorites again.

Last night went down as one of my favorite nights of the week, too.  I love these ladies so much!  We've been friends for well over a decade, and I am so thankful for them and their friendship that's lasted through the years.  We don't see each other that often, but it's nice knowing that we will always pick right back up.  Left to right are Tammy and Rene.  We went and ate dinner at Booya's and sat for two hours just catching back up with one another.

I love my friends!

Y'all.  Getting a text like this is my favorite.  My sweet, eighty-five year old daddy just melts my heart.  Today is our day to meet and have lunch.

And then tonight is what I've been looking forward to for a while.  Our church is hosting the Cry Out women's conference put on my Nancy Leigh Wolgemuth.  It's a night of prayer, which is one of my favorite things of all.  I cannot wait.

Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all.

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