Monday, January 30, 2017

January Books

I kicked off 2017 by promising myself I would read more (and watch Netflix less), and I think I've done pretty good this month.  There were a rough couple of weeks, when I couldn't get into one of the books, but I just decided to put it down and give up.  (I HATE quitting books, but I just didn't like it.)

Also, I need to say that these books are not my typical Christian fiction that I read, and some are rated PG-13 for language.  You probably want to know that before committing to one of these.


Technically, I started this around December 30th.  I kinda forgot that I borrowed Christmas books from the library to read during the Christmas season, and before I took them back, I wanted to read at least one of them.  I love Debbie Macomber and have been reading her books for years and years.  There is no better author to read at Christmas than her.  I started on her Cedar Cove books (you should consider reading them first if you haven't already), then I read all the Blossom Street books, then The Rose Harbor Inn series.  There are so many wonderful books she has written.  Here's her website, if you want to look through all the series.


I started this one back in November for a book club I was going to, but I didn't quite finish it.  I did read most of it back then, but I needed to finish it and see what ended up becoming of the main character.  This was a fascinating book.  There are some scenes in it that I could have done without, honestly, but I did enjoy seeing the woman's journey through her life.  This is the first book I read by her and I most likely won't see if she's written others.


Book two was really heavy at times, and I was in the mood for a light read again.  I love the books by these two ladies!  The first one I read was The Year We Turned Forty (appropriate), and then I read The Status of All Things.  This one was every bit as good.  Keep in mind: language.


I went to my happy place a couple weeks ago and borrowed three books to read.  I read two of them and found out the third didn't interest me.  I love Emily Giffin.  Her books are so easy to read, and the story always keeps me interested.  This one is fairly new and I read it in three days, or a little less.  If you read her books, make sure and pay attention to the order they're written in.  For a couple of them, it matters.


I have read Kristin Hannah's books before, but it's been a while.  Fly Away is a sequel to Firefly Lane, but I didn't realize that and thought I was reading a book I'd already read.  It was good, but really heavy a lot of the time, and there was a lot of going back in forth between present day and years ago.  At the end, the author started telling the story of the main character's mom, and I could have done without all of that.  It ended in a way that tied everything up nicely and everyone had figured out their lives and gotten out of the messes they'd made.

The book I couldn't get into was by JoJo Moyes, and it was After You, which is a sequel to Me Before You.  (I know, I know...all the controversy.)  I tried to read this book two different times and it just did not keep my interest.  After making it halfway through, I put it down and moved on.

I just remembered a book I bought in the Denver Airport, so I'm going to read that first in February.  I'm excited to start a new book, and look for new titles.  I read pretty fast, so I can usually get through at least five books each month, sometimes more.  I read a lot in the day time while the boys are working on school, I read at night if they're watching something that doesn't interest me, and I read in bed sometimes.  It's one thing that is pretty mindless to me, and sometimes I prefer the light stuff to the heavy.  I am also super picky about books and if the first chapter doesn't grab my attention, the book won't hold me at all, and I move on.  I only buy books I know I'll love, and I borrow the rest from the library.

I'm hoping to read some books by a couple of my favorite authors this month, but I'll save that information for another day.

Love to all!

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