Thursday, January 26, 2017

things I love right now

It's been a while since I've done one of these types of posts, so I thought I'd make a new list.  For anyone who cares.

You have heard me say so much how much I love the winter, and the cold, but I confess that lately, this nice weather has felt so good.  With the exception of having to mess with the thermostat constantly, that is.  It gets stuffy, so we leave the fan turned to "on" a lot on these types of days.

I loved that yesterday my stepdad called and asked if he could bring us lunch.  Um, yes please!  So he came with two pizzas and I made salads for Noah and me.

I also love that he wants to help Jonah and Noah paint their room.  This is totally something we could do, and would, but y'all...he WANTS to do this.  I am so excited for them, and Jonah hasn't stopped talking about it yet.

I'm pretty sure we have the paint picked out finally.

I love the book I'm reading right now and I am almost finished with it.

I love my new glasses.  My prescription had changed JUST enough to be seriously annoying, and I can see so much better with my new ones.

I love these flowers that have been on my table for the last two weeks.  I'm thinking that when these die, I'll just go buy some more.  For four dollars a pop, I can swing that.  They make my kitchen so much happier.

I have not loved the headache I've had since Saturday, but finally I woke up feeling better this morning.  I'm so thankful for that.  The medicine I've been taking for it hasn't helped much.

I love receiving emails from Revive Our Hearts.  This is a ministry that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth leads, and every day of the week, there is a podcast.  I don't always listen to them, but today I noticed the topic was friendship, so I listened and took notes.

There's more on the back, and it was only part one, but it was so good!  This is something I'll tuck away to maybe talk about later with a group of teenage girls, or my own boys.  I have a folder with that kind of thing in it, because you never know when you need to talk about a certain topic.

I love taking notes.  (You already knew that.)

Last night while the boys were all at church and Todd was working late to play catch up at work, I had a little snack of some M&M's and coffee and when I was trying to get situated, I put the bowl down and thought that it looked pretty.  So I took a picture.

I love a nightly cup of coffee.  I also love the colors of the M&M's.  I think they're pretty.  Right after this, I watched this week's episode of This Is Us.  I love this show!  It's been AGES since I've had to watch something in real time and wait for the next episode.  Though I don't love that part, the show makes up for it.

I love to be cheered up by things on social media, not weighed down, so I have found this week that I have been on Instagram more and Facebook less.  I do not love all the politics and all the junk I've been seeing on Facebook.  Two times this week, I tried to do my part at cheering up other people's newsfeeds, and I shared adorable videos.

I love to fold laundry...have I ever mentioned that?  I do.  Especially towels.  I used to work at Eddie Bauer Home, and I was always refolding towels and measuring them to fit into the bins designed to hold them.  It's so satisfying.  Speaking of that laundry, I need to start on some.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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