Monday, January 9, 2017

the weekend

We had a WONDERFUL weekend.  I love when it snows, and for Memphis, we had a good little bit fall in the early hours of the morning.  It's beautiful waking up to, and the boys were thrilled.  

This was on Saturday, and a lot of it had already melted.  

And then, as I drove to choir practice yesterday, I took this picture.

It was beautiful!  I love this cold weather.

On Friday, we allowed Graham to drive.  They wanted to go sledding and Todd felt wretched all day and I don't drive on this stuff, so that left Graham.  Todd just instructed him on what to do and when to brake and when NOT to brake, and they left.  They communicated with us all the time throughout the times they were gone, so they were all super responsible, and I was proud.  

They went and got one of their friends and brought him back over to hang out that night.  This was them gathering snow for the snow cream they asked me to make.  

It was a glorious day, not having to go anywhere or do anything.  

Saturday was pretty much more of the same, though we got out during the day.  Jonah had an appointment to get his hair cut, so Todd drove us, then we went to Kroger.  That night we had a game night with our friends, the Essarys.  

We were all up early for church yesterday morning, but I had to bring Jonah back home, because he felt bad.  (Sinuses.)  Noah ended up staying home with him, making himself breakfast and watching our church's service on the online streaming test site.  

I was so proud of him!  This was us eating together when I got home.  He had taken care of his brother, too, and told me Jonah took two naps while we were gone.  

Todd worked last night and went in early in the afternoon for some extra time, and when he got there, his partner showed up wearing this shirt.

That is my husband on that shirt, when he was a toddler.  Chris had it put onto a tee shirt and Todd sent me this picture.  These guys are crazy!  They have fun while they work together, though, and I know it makes it more enjoyable for Todd, to have such a great friend to work with.

While this was going on, I was at choir practice, then dinner, then a high school and college girls event at Square Beans, a local coffee shop on the square.

Abbey's friend Grace Thornton wrote a book called, Why I Don't Wait Anymore.  It's a book about life and what it looks like when you live it remembering that the treasure is Jesus, and not your own hopes and dreams.

It was a great night with a lot of my favorite people, and I walked away with a new book to read. 

It was fun meeting one of the girls I've heard Abbey talk about for so long, too, and so we ended the night by taking this picture.  It was a great night, and a great weekend.  This week is busy, with Todd and Graham leaving town early Thursday morning and returning late Saturday night.  And tonight is like the superbowl for college football fans, with the BCS Championship game coming on.  I anticipate an early night for me, and a night of them yelling at the tv. 

Well, I need to get started on this day!  Thanks for reading.  Love to all!

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