Monday, April 10, 2017

the weekend

I think the Lord answered my heart's desire when He heard me say that I had been busy lately.  I say that because this weekend was the polar opposite.  On Wednesday night, Noah started coming down with something, and it progressed all weekend.  On Friday morning, I had to drive into Cordova to register Drew for a class next year, and thankfully, made a stop at Kroger before coming back home.  I thought I'd go ahead and fill my fridge and pantry for the weekend and for meals, because I knew Noah didn't feel well and would maybe want some special things to snack on.

I couldn't resist buying this adorable little campanula plant.

I thought it might brighten up my space over what would be a long few days at home with him.

That night while all the boys were out, we watched tv and a movie.  I can't remember which one, honestly, the nights are running together.

I made fajitas that night for dinner, and Noah ate tomato soup.  Later on, I ended up taking Noah to a nearby clinic, because his fever got really high, and I thought he may have strep.  They tested him for that and for the flu, but both came back negative, but she thought he had strep and treated him for it.

Saturday was more of the same, but that morning, I went to get his prescription filled at Target and bought some new pens for myself.  Then; I came home and had my quiet time.

Anyone else love gummy bears?!

I ended up staying home the rest of the day, and Todd ended up working that night.  Noah and I watched another movie.  Zootopia, this time around.  I finished one book and started this one.

I read for a long time, and then we finally went to bed.  Noah hadn't been sleeping well, but on Friday and Saturday nights, he did finally.

I woke up and had a later quiet time on Sunday and piddled around the house, waiting on church to start so I could livestream the service.

I finally woke Noah up after twelve o'clock.  The child slept for a solid fourteen hours.  I was so glad he was getting rest.

We had lunch together, and we watched another movie together, Finding Dory this time.  How have I never seen that?!

I read more, we watched a couple of shows we'd recorded, and I livestreamed a joint church service last night that my church people were at.

It was eight churches who joined together for this, and these were all the preachers there who preached short sermons.  It was so good!

I was so glad someone posted that it could be livestreamed.  I only missed one song at the beginning.  Last night after community group, Drew came home with fever.  I suppose it's not strep being passed around, but the flu.  :/  So the next few days look like repeats of the past few.  I'm glad to be able to take care of my boys when they're not feeling their best.

I loved these verses out of Proverbs 3 this morning that I wrote out.

Well, I'm off to do laundry and to vacuum.  And maybe spray Lysol all over everything.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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