Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Looking back on last week, I am so glad that graduation is behind us.  Though some of my favorite moments came from that, I am so glad it is done!

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and her friends for this post.

Speaking of graduation, and though I am thrilled that it's behind me, I still am thinking back to last weekend and I smile.  It was such a great time with family and friends galore.  Graham might have had the largest family representation there.  Family is my favorite.

I wish I'd gotten a picture with all of the family there.  These are my favorite pictures from the weekend.

My poor sisters.  After a weekend with glorious weather, they both flew home and two days later, a bunch of snow dumped on them in Denver.

I sure love to visit there, but I don't know if I could live there and go through so much unpredictable weather.  Debi's trees and bushes may never recover from what fell yesterday.  :(

Monday night was another favorite moment, as we sat (mostly together) and watched a Redbirds game.  It was such a fun night and the weather was perfect.  Nothing says the start of summer like baseball.

I shared this on social media when I saw Proverbs 31 ministries post it, but another favorite of mine is friends.  I am so thankful for my people!  I love when friends are close enough to dig through your kitchen drawers, and likewise me in their house.  I was so grateful for my husband and best friend Missy Sunday night when they cleaned up after Graham's graduation party.  I sat and watched them.  I was exhausted, and the foot I broke a year and a half ago was throbbing from being on it too much all weekend.  They forced me to sit while they did the work.

Morning quiet times are my favorite.  I love my morning routines.  I pray, read Scripture, write Scripture and then later on will do bible study homework.

This one is out of sequence, but the message our Pastor preached on Sunday was one of my favorites.  It was all about parenting with integrity, and I loved everything the Lord gave him to say.  Church notes are another favorite.

Lastly, I took my mom-in-love to a doctor's appointment yesterday that she needed a driver for, and while I was waiting, I started this book.  Robin Jones Gunn is my favorite author.  Her writing reminds me of my teenage years, and I always go right back to such a happy time.  I bought these books a couple years ago and gave them to one of "my" girls in community group right away to read, and she returned them to me this week.  I started the first one, Forever With You yesterday and finished it last night.


If you've never read Robin Jones Gunn, check her out!  Just make sure you read in order.  Though some of her books are for teenagers, it was fun to go back and read them again.

Well, happy weekend, my friends!  Thanks for reading.  Love to all!

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