Monday, May 22, 2017

the weekend

Friday afternoon found Jonah, Alex, and me at my mom's house in the country.  Todd was working the third night in a row at the barbecue fest downtown, Graham and Drew were at the CHS graduation, and Noah was at a birthday party.  We went to mom's around four thirty and hung out and had wings for dinner.  It was a gorgeous night!

I'm so glad they have a Keurig now.  I enjoyed an after dinner cup of coffee.  We watched Say Yes to the Dress on TLC while Bill read his book and Jonah and Alex played outside.

It was a glorious night.

I was up early Saturday morning, doing laundry, straightening up, and having quiet time.  I eventually started a new book, and finished it later in the day.

The books I mentioned by Robin Jones Gunn the other day?  I read the second book in that particular series.

I also went to a graduation party that day, and then later on, we had a family night.  Well, minus Graham, but he went and represented our family at another party.  We made a run to Costco, and had dinner while we were there, then we went to The Clark Tower, where on the eighth floor of the parking garage, you can see a lot of beautiful cars owned by one man.

The view was really pretty and the night was gorgeous.

Then we went to Gibson's Donuts, where I don't think I've ever been.  I's terrible, but let's just say that was the night I blew my healthy eating habits for a few hours.  I partook two gloriously delicious donuts: maple bacon and chocolate with sprinkles.


Yesterday was such a special day at church.  They honored the high school and college graduates in the morning service.

My sweet friend Andrea, and also the greatest dental hygienist in all of the world, took this picture of us while I was trying not to cry.  I was fine, I just had teary eyes, but what else is new?  The part that about made me lose my cool was when they had people come and surround them and pray over them.  Two sweet men who have mentored Graham over the years came and prayed over him~his friend Benjie and his bible fellowship teacher Daniel.  I couldn't even speak, y'all, I was so incredibly choked up.  His grandparents were also all around him, and I was so moved, I was pretty much useless for the next five or ten minutes.  I was also on the praise team that morning, which was unfortunate, since I probably cried off all of my makeup.  I should have rethought not switching Sundays with someone.

Here they are at the end of the service.  I love these teenagers so much!  I cannot believe they're all graduated.

Tonight, we are having an end of the school year fiesta for our community group.  Last night after choir practice, I went with Missy to eat dinner, then grocery shop for tonight.  We accidentally made it a fiesta when we found this aisle at Walmart.

I pray you have a Missy in your life.  Never in my life have I had more fun than with her.  We can make a fun time out of ANYTHING, and we always laugh like crazy.  She is my person, and I am so thankful to God for her.

I even dropped everything for her this morning at eight o'clock and met her at the car place so she can have her van worked on.

I adore her.

I am so excited about tonight!  I can't wait to hang out with a few twenty or thirty something of my favorite people group on the planet~teenagers.  They're fun and I love any and all of the time I can get with them, especially before they leave us for college in the fall.

I have such fun plans today, but I can't share about them!  It involves a very special appointment with another bestie of mine.  I can't wait!  Thanks for reading my blog.  Love to all!

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