Wednesday, May 31, 2017

what's up Wednesday

I'm linking up with Mix and Match mama Shay and friends for this blog post today.

What we're eating this week:

So far we've had salmon, and nachos.  Not together, but one was on Monday, one was on Tuesday.  We have church tonight, and I have choir practice, so I am feeling like it's going to be something super simple, like grilled sandwiches.

What I'm reminiscing about:

I've seen a lot of camp memories on my Timehop and FB Memories feeds this week.  I love summer time!

What I'm loving:

Summer.  I love the easy going flow we have over these two months off.  I love all the late nights, late mornings, and time spent with friends.  (Theirs and mine.)

What we've been up to:

Yesterday I swam with my mom-in-love, and Drew stayed home.  I think he may have gone somewhere with a friend.  Jonah and Noah were with their friend, at his house.

What I'm dreading:

Graham is gone right now on a mission trip to Guatemala.  In two weeks, he and Drew will leave for the Navajo reservation for nine days, then they'll go to camp in Chattanooga, then they'll be at another camp as counselors for a week.  So for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS, I will be without my older boys.  I know the house will be terribly quiet with them gone for so long.

What I'm working on:

I'm not doing this yet, but I really, REALLY need to clean out and declutter my kitchen cabinets and drawers.  And the tornado closet.  It's terrible.

What I'm excited about:

I will be glad to see Graham on Friday night, when he returns!  I'm also excited about for my friend Abbey.  She gets married June 24, and we have a lot of fun things coming up together in preparation and anticipation of her wedding!  I'm excited about the first in a string of things that is tomorrow night, but I'll write more about that on Friday.

What I'm watching/reading:

I'm watching Good Witch on Netflix right now.  I'm also on the lookout for more movies (see yesterday's post about movies I watched Monday night.)!  I love a great movie.

I'm still working on the third book in the Married Years series by Robin Jones Gunn.  I'm also reading a nonfiction book called Tapestry of Roots, and it's about the Jewishness of Jesus.  It's so good, and I'm in a book club with the author and three other friends, and we're going through and reading and discussing it a handful of chapters at a time.

What I'm listening to:

I created a summer playlist on Spotify yesterday, of fun songs that are not my usual.  Andy Grammar, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars (his newest song), and Meghan Trainor.  They're all upbeat and catchy.

Also, as I write this, I'm listening to the latest Big Boo Cast with Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson.

What I'm wearing:

Currently, I'm still in pajamas, but yesterday I spent the day in my swimsuit and cover-up.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Welcoming Graham home, doing laundry, attending a youth ministry leaders cookout, and singing in a night of praise at church.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Well since next month is tomorrow, I'll look ahead to July.  I'm looking forward to having all my boys back home for the entire month.

What else is new:

Not much.  I'm looking forward to weekly swim dates with my mom-in-love, hanging out with friends, the book club I'm in right now (I have ALWAYS wanted to be in a book club!!), summer time community groups with the high school students at church, and swimming with them, and just having time off to rest and relax before Drew's senior year starts.

Also, look at this adorable picture I took a screenshot of from yesterday of Graham in Guatemala:

LOOK AT HIS SMILE!  I love these faces, and I love how he is looking at and laughing at Kathryn...that sweet girl is precious and absolutely hilarious, without even meaning to be that way.

I love them all so much.

Well, I think I hear my husband stirring upstairs, so I'm off to go make his to-go coffee and to pack his lunch for the day.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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