Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites: SUMMER

Happy Friday!  This week has been so, so good.  There are so many favorite things/memories and activities that we've participated in, that this might be a little long.  ;)  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and friends for today's blog post.

Graham (in the middle with the green shirt) has been in Guatemala all week, for a mission trip.  They've been staying in dorms on the grounds of an orphanage, and the property is laden with avocado trees.  We were talking the other night and he was outside, and he heard something hit the ground, and it scared him.  It was an avocado that had fallen, hit the ground, and burst open.  I asked him to stuff his suitcase full of them for me, but somehow, I get the feeling that he's not going to do that.  He is coming home today!  We will pick him from the airport at nine something tonight.  I cannot wait to hug him.  Having all my kids home and under one roof is my favorite thing in all of the world.

Also, it is so strange how not having one kid around changes the dynamics of our house.  There is considerably less amounts of clothing to wash, the house is quieter, and I keep on thinking to myself, "Who am I missing?!"  And then I remember he's in another country.

It's weird.  I am not looking forward to having Graham and Drew both gone for THREE weeks in a row.  They leave in one week for the Navajo reservation in Arizona, returning on Sunday the 18th, then will leave Monday and come home Friday (youth camp), and then will leave again on Sunday and be gone until the following Friday.

I'm already missing them.

I don't have a picture about this, but last Saturday was one of my favorite moments of the whole week.  Missy came and got me and we shopped together for the first time ever.  Well, as in for us, not for a church event, or by accident.  We went to several stores, we had lunch, and we even bought fun new purses together!  If you don't have a Missy Byrd in your life, I am so sad for you.  There is NOTHING on this earth like a best friend.  We talk on the phone ALL THE TIME, and way more than we text.  She ALWAYS answers my phone calls, unless she's asleep or showering.  Sometimes our conversations last a few minutes, sometimes they last an hour.  But we never run out of things to talk about.  We have everything in common, and we agree on almost everything.  I don't know that we've ever had a squabble, either, except maybe last summer when she MIGHT have snapped at me for being so cheerful one morning.  And then maybe on the bus, when I MIGHT have called her grumpy.  :)  I'm pretty sure we apologized, though.  I love her so much, and I am so very thankful to God for her sweet friendship.

I know I always say this, and therefore this statement has lost credibility, but this bible study is my favorite.  I'm studying the tabernacle by Beth Moore.  I think the actual title is A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place.  I am loving reading through parts of Exodus, learning about Moses and the Israelites, and studying the Word of God on this subject.  Bible study period is my favorite thing to do.

A night out in the country is my favorite place of all.  I feel so close to God when I am out in His creation, and on Sunday night, He gave us a magnificent sunset and sky to behold.  I love Psalm 36:5.  "LORD, Your faithful love reaches to heaven, Your faithfulness to the clouds."

This was at my mom's and stepdad's house.  We had a cookout with them Sunday night, because there was no church, due to Memorial day.

One of my very favorite people on the planet made this sticker for my cup.  Marissa is a gem, and she arrived here Sunday sometime, at least for the summer months, but maybe for longer.  I love my sticker she made!  Noah and her conspired together and came up with this design.  Both knew that I loved anchors, and Noah told her turquoise is my favorite color.  I love thoughtful gifts!

I love this passage in Zephaniah three.

Also, I love washi tape.  I add it to the edges of my bible, or to chapters I love and have studied.

More scripture that is my favorite.  I really needed to read these words in Psalm 4:3 yesterday, and be reminded that the LORD hears.

Pool time is my favorite!  I love to swim, and though on this day I didn't actually do laps or anything, I enjoyed being with my mom-in-love and getting all caught up.

The boys' friend Zach gets the prize for my favorite Snapchat of the week.  I love this picture he captured!  I love the smile on Graham's face, and I can almost hear him laughing.  They look like they're having a blast.  This was on Tuesday, when they were in Antigua at the McDonald's.

The pictures you see are my favorite thing hanging in my whole house.  My mom bought them for my birthday for me two years ago, and I have only recently hung them.  I had to change up the colors and stuff I had and make things new in order to hang them.  Also, this Island Margarita candle from Bath and Body Works is my current favorite scent.

 I love a good topical scripture writing plan.  This is for the month of June.

Last night was one of the most special things I have ever participated in.  I have so much to say about it, but I'm still kinda processing the night and figuring out what I want to say about it.  I plan on writing a post dedicated to the night sometime next week.  Until then, know that these two are a couple of my favorite people ever.

Abbey and I have been praying together for two years now, almost every week, and it's one of biggest blessings in life.  I love having a prayer partner that I can be so vulnerable with, and God put within us both the desire to meet and pray weekly.  I told her last night, she is stuck doing this with me until I die, or until one of us moves away.  There is not a more beautiful soul on the face of this earth than Abigail Marie Hammond.

My dad is coming over for lunch today, so I am excited about this afternoon and that we get to see him, and that I get to catch up with him.  I didn't really spend time with him last week because I was so tired from getting up at three to take Graham to the airport, and because I had a hair appointment, and then I had to leave early to go serve with my church family.

I have tons to catch him up on!

Well, I need to get dressed and start on laundry and vacuuming.

Thanks for reading!  Happy Friday, and love to all.

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