Wednesday, June 21, 2017

mid-week stuff

I shouldn't be surprised that I've talked to NOBODY from my family since Monday.  This happens all the time.  They leave, then they never call.  I'm actually fine with it, though, because their dad is there with them.  I do miss them, though!

I've been keeping busy.

Yesterday I did some laundry, I took care of three lizards (feeding the bearded dragon crickets was involved), I actually made my bed, I prayed with Abbey, I swam with my mom-in-love, I came home and took a nap, my nephew and sister came over for a while, I went to a birthday dinner, then when I came home, my bestie came over and we watched a(nother) movie!

I told her I love having full control of the remote.

That never happens, in a house filled with guys.

Last night, my friend Kristy posted some really sweet pictures from the Navajo trip that involve Drew, and I thought I'd share them this morning.

Drew was teaching scripture memorization.  I love this!  That sweet friend he's talking to in the green shirt is Diel, and he was there last year when we all went.

This was them in their classroom.  Look at those beautiful faces!  The sweet girl to the right of Drew is Jessica, and she was there the year before as well.  She gave him the scare of his life on Thursday night, but that's another story for him to tell.

This was all of the 4/5 grade class, plus my friend Kristy on the left, Drew, and Allie, the other assistant.  I love how Drewby has his arm around Diel.

I want to go back next year!  I pray that the Lord works out the details for us.

And because the sky was brilliant on my way home last night, I thought I'd stop and take a picture at one of my homes away from home.

The beloved church meeting place we belong to.  I love our cross, and how it stands so tall above everything in the town.

Today I'm spending the majority of the day with my sweet Abbey, and setting up for their reception is involved.  I can't wait!  I'll write more about today, stepdad will be here soon and I need to get a move on things.

Love to all!

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