Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Simply Tuesday

I love the thought of that title, and it's a wonderful book written by Emily Freeman, but I still haven't finished it.  And may I just talk of books for a few minutes?  I haven't finished that one I just mentioned, and I haven't yet finished the one I'm on a launch team for, Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle.  I only have one or two more chapters, though, and I still love it.

Funny story (not really, but it's true): last night I was so grumpy.  It happens periodically.  ;)  It dawned on me last night, that I had never gotten around to having my quiet time yesterday morning.  The grocery store trip I was planning took precedence over my normal morning routine, and it just never happened.  I finally realized that last night, and I got up to have my quiet time after eight o'clock.  Life just happens that way, sometimes, and when it does, I try to not beat myself up over an abnormal daily routine.

So, this was me, at night, finally spending time in my bible.  Better later than never, right?  I wrote out two days worth of scripture writing (I usually miss every Sunday), and then I spent time reading Psalm 51, and writing out a page worth of praises to God from that Psalm.  It's one of my favorite books in the entire bible, and I visit it often, especially when I'm confessing things to Him in prayer.  As soon as I'm done with this post, I'm going to go do more of this.  I did pray this morning, first thing, but then I started making breakfast in shifts for people in my house.  (First for Drew, then for Todd and Graham.  Jonah and Noah are still asleep.)

I have three other books waiting on me to read them.  I need to put my phone down more and pick up my book instead.  Maybe then I'll finish.  I'm not reading anything fiction as of right now, and it is driving me a little crazy.  I know that probably makes some of you cringe, but it's true~if I read a nonfiction book, I like to have a fiction one going at the same time.  I need mindless in the afternoons, when the caffeine lull hits.  I keep failing at the whole library thing, and picking duds.

We are currently trying a new kind of coffee, and it is delicious.  We are coffee snobs, and always buy whole beans, and then grind them at the store after we make our purchase.  (At Costco.)  We are not making a Costco run this week, though, and I was needing to buy coffee at the grocery store yesterday, though, so I decided to give this one a try when I stumbled across it at Kroger.

I love coffee.  We all do, actually, the six of us.

I have been looking forward to this day for a week.  Sometime after lunch, we will go see my in-love's and spend the remainder of our day there.  (Along with the dogs, of course.)  Most likely we will swim when I get there, then we'll eat dinner, and we might go back to the pool afterward.  It's been forever, it seems, since we've seen them, and we missed our weekly visits, because Phyllis was sick.  I'm glad she's finally better, because I've missed her!

I love taking the dogs with us to places, and more than I love it, they do.  When we start packing up their things like their food and the leashes, they realize what's about to happen and start panting and jumping up and down.  It's precious.  Who would have thought I'd love dogs this much?  Not me.  I hate their hair that dirties my floor, but even all the hair is worth the joy they bring.  (Remind me of this the next time Crash does something bad.)

Speaking of him doing something bad, yesterday morning when Todd came downstairs, I found him looking intently at the dining room table.  I asked him what he was looking at, then he had me come in there to see for myself.  We were looking at dog paw prints, y'all.  I am not even kidding.  Not the cat, but the dog.  Which one, you wonder?  Crash.  I promise you, Crash's name is literally all over the table, just about.  Probably what happened, we are guessing, is that he jumped on the table to have a better view out the dining room windows, where the bushes are.

He hasn't confessed to it yet, but I think he's guilty.

I have seriously thought of writing a children's book based upon his bad behavior.

I'm not sure how I stretched three things to talk about into an entire blog post, but I am officially out of things to say, and I need to get started on this day.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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