Monday, August 7, 2017

the weekend and back to school

For lots of my kids friends, this was their last weekend of summer.  I talked about how I have mixed feelings regarding this time of year, and I'm a little sad about it all today.  Because we homeschool, we usually start one week later than the public schools.  I like having a week reserved for going through all our books and curriculum, and I try to get it all organized and the house put back in order from a summer of coming and going.

Drew does have one class tomorrow, that he is taking away from home this year, and it starts tomorrow.  Part of his day today will be spent preparing for that, and my day will consist of laundry, cleaning, sorting/organizing (hopefully), vacuuming, and grocery shopping.

I love grocery shopping on a Monday, once school starts back!  Nobody is ever there, hardly.

This weekend, we had fun going to my mom's and stepdad's on Friday night for dinner.  It was just Jonah, Noah, and me, because Todd was working, Graham was on a fun college group trip, and Drew was eating Mexican food with friends in Memphis.

I love walking around their house and admiring their beautiful flower beds.  I found a gorgeous hydrangea bush in their front bed, but I couldn't get a good picture of it.  The bloom was a deep royal blue, almost.  I love flowers, and they have green thumbs over in their neck of the woods.  I do not, and try to kill everything I touch, so I just don't mess with the flower beds anymore.  At our house right now, all we have in the front are huge boxwood shrubs, which are big and tall, which our house needs.

After we left them, we drove around in Rossville, on the town square.  I love driving around and looking at houses.

These were my two favorites.

Saturday we stayed close to home all day, and then ventured out that night after we ate pizza for dinner.  The boys wanted to go look at the fancy cars again, in the Clark Tower parking garage, which we did, but then a security guard told us we had to leave.  She was really sweet, and we ended up riding around with her in her golf cart, as she took us to our car.  She told us her life story, and we felt like we had made a friend by the time we left.


We came home, and later that night, Todd, Drew, and Jonah went to Gibson's Donuts.

We were at church bright and early yesterday morning, then home for lunch, then at three I was back for praise team practice and then choir practice at four.  I went straight from there to my friend's house who is our host for community group this year.

About community group, for the last four years, I have helped lead the same group of girls every Sunday night.  They graduated in May, and leading up to last night, my friend Missy and I have been in much prayer about asking for this group of girls we started with last night.  Lord willing, we will lead them together, for all of their high school years in community group.

LOOK AT THEM.  They are every bit as wonderful, sweet, friendly, and precious as they appear in this photo.  Not all of them could make it last night, but I hope they all get to come next week, when we meet again.  We spent our time together talking and getting to know each other, and I look forward to all that is ahead of us.  They are a very special group of girls, that much was obvious last night as they talked to us.  We prayed for them, as they start school today (most of them), and then before we knew it, it was time to go home.

It was a great weekend, and was made better when Graham made it home safely from his trip.  He had a great time with the college group he was with, and probably slept like a log in his own bed last night.  I think he was glad to be home.

Have a great day~if you're a student, or a teacher, or someone else working in a school, know that I have prayed for you today.  Shine for Jesus!

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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