Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for the writing of this blog post.

This week has been a whirlwind of a week.  It has flown by and I know that today will be no exception.  I always have tons of things I like to do around the house before leaving for a vacation, and there are about thirty-eight things on my to-do list for this day.  My dad is having to make a quick out of town trip, so he won't be joining us at all today.  We'll miss seeing him, but I know I will fill that time quickly.

Here are some favorite things and moments from the week.

I'm still loving all things fall around my house.  I decorated a week ago, and I'm still loving it.  Fall is my favorite!  Another favorite of mine is Gilmore Girls.  I started watching it again a couple weeks ago, and somehow, each time I watch it, I like it more than before.  This is the fourth time I've watched this show.

Netflix had better not ever ever get rid of it!

We had family in town visiting for two nights last weekend, and that is always a favorite thing of mine!  We do not get to see Denise and Katie often enough, so our time always goes by fast when we're together.  Usually Joe (one of Katie's older brother) comes with them, but he wasn't able to this trip.  We missed him!  They were here through Sunday afternoon, and then they left to drive back home to Chicago (or, near there).

Sunday was a crazy busy day.  Right after Denise and Katie left, I left, to attend a house blessing for my best friend's new house.  I've been to one of these before, where we just prayed in every room, and though this one was a little different, I am so glad I was able to do this with my dear friend.  Their house is beautiful and I am so excited for them as they plant roots here in Memphis.

After this, I drove straight to our church, for our annual church family picnic.  Sunday was full of a bunch of my favorite things, and this picnic was the icing on the cake.  I love it, Todd loves it, and the boys love it.  We are usually there the full amount of time, but this time I was a little late and met them there as soon as I was able to.  I love our church family!  I am so thankful to God for putting us here all those years ago.  We ate dinner, there were games to play in (like volleyball, above), there are jumpy houses, and a rock wall, and there are a thousand people to talk to, that I never get to see often enough.  I made my way from person to person before finally sitting at a table and being joined by a bunch of teenage girls, and eventually my best friend.  It was a great night and the weather was PERFECTION.  I love some cool nights.

Timehop is my favorite app, and this week has been fun to look back on.  I love looking through each day's memories from years before.  These three above have been my favorites from the week.  More about these images are on yesterday's blog post.

Reading is my favorite hobby.  I've been reading some great books this week, and twice, I've met with some sweet friends  to discuss books we're reading for book clubs.  I love my friends and love talking about books, so it's a win win.  This one above is one I'm reading on my own, for pleasure.  Two others I'm reading are for learning purposes, and for growing closer to God in my personal walk.  Well one is that, the other is teaching me about things I've never known before.  The other two are Adorn by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and Identity Theft by Ron Cantor.  They're all so good!

Speaking of books, I'm taking a stack of them with me while we're at the beach this coming week.

List making is my favorite.  These are all growing, as we prepare to leave tomorrow morning.  I have a million things to do between now and then, two which involve us leaving the house, so I'm going to run.

Thanks for reading my blog!  I'll be taking a blogging break all of next week while I'm enjoying my family on vacation.  I'll be back again on Monday the twenty-fourth, with way more pictures than you care to view, most likely.

Love to all!

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  1. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, too! Enjoy your time at the beach!


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