Thursday, September 14, 2017

throwback Thursday

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite Timehop moments from the past.  I've saved all these to my phone because they're all so adorable.  There are others I've saved of times gone by that I just don't want to forget.  And I randomly text my friends these pictures, so if you're one of the ones who have already seen these, you may want to get out of this now.

I can't believe this was nine years ago.  We were in Hot Springs, Arkansas with Todd's parents, and we were about to be heading back home.  We had eaten a yummy breakfast at the local pancake house, and all the boys picked out toys from the cute little toyshop down the street from the pancake place.  Graham has a snake on his head that he picked out.

This was the first time we ever traveled with my in-love's, and it became a thing afterward.  We do something with them almost every year, and we love our time with them.

Same trip, different day.  This was back when they'd actually smile for me.  It's been forever since they've done that.

I love this picture so much!  This was right after Christa and Jason got married.  These boys love their "auntie and uncle" to this day.  They were so close to Christa, because she spent so much time over here before she and Jason married.  Todd would work at night, and she would be here almost every single time.  We would watch movies, and make cookies.  Nowadays their little girl isn't too far from the ages that Jonah and Noah were when this picture was taken.  Time flies!

Oh, this day is one none of us will ever forget.  We had been to Costco and Jonah and Noah decided they wanted to spend some of their money on these two giant teddy bears.  You should have seen us driving home!  We had them buckled into the back and middle seats of the Suburban, driving down the interstate.  We still have the dark brown one.  It's actually the thing that Crash sleeps on almost every single night.

I think their names were Beary.  #original

I don't remember where we were going with "our" girls, but we were going somewhere, and we were all having a blast.  Missy always cringes when I make her pose for my pictures.  (I wish I could remember that lipstick name.)

Last year in August, we vacationed in Branson, Missouri, and Christa and Jason used to live in Springfield, which wasn't too far away.  On this night, Christa and Annalise spent the night with us.  They had spent the day with us hanging out and swimming, then they ate dinner with us, along with Jason, and we had a sleepover.  Annalise was so excited about staying the night for a sleepover!  I am so glad they live here in Memphis now!

Oh, Drewby.  I think they were blowing compressed air at him, and this is what happened.  Todd sent me this in a text, and I about died laughing.  His hair was something to behold even back then, but you should see it now.  It's so long!  When it's wet, it's down to his shoulders.  Of course, you cannot tell this, because the longer it gets, the curlier it gets, and he just has ringlets all over his head.

Well, that was fun for me.  I can't believe my kids are all as old as they are sometimes.  We have had some great memories, and I am looking forward to making more this coming week as we go on vacation together.  We love being around these boys, and I wouldn't want to spend all my time with anyone else.

Love to all!

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