Wednesday, September 13, 2017

midweek stuff

Hello, middle of the week.  I am surprised at how fast this week is flying by.  I'm kinda in denial about a few things~our upcoming vacation, a possible hurricane interrupting said vacation~but in typical fashion for me, I will get the things on my list checked off eventually.  Hopefully.  One of the things is keeping an eye out on the weather and calling the people at the place we're staying to get their perspective and checking on times for check in.

Like I said, I'll get it done.  But for now, I'll write a blog post on a few things about this week that is passing by.

So you know I love to read, right?  As much as I love to read, I go in spurts.  I will read like crazy and finish three books in one week, then for a solid week and a half, I'll not read a page.  I decided this week would be a good week to read again.  I picked up the book I had started a week and a half ago on Monday, and then finished it that same night.

It was really, really, really good.  A definite page-turner.  I thought this was the book based on the series on PBS that I loved, Call the Midwife, but I was wrong.  Even the uniform of the lady on the cover is misleading, but I digress.  This is a book by an author I've never read before, and it gripped me at the first page.  You know it has to do that, for me to be able to read a book all the way through.  I do not have time to waste on books I don't like that much.

There is some language in this, but I can overlook that kind of thing.  I know plenty who cannot, so consider yourself warned.  (No judging, please.)  I was very surprised at the end of this book, and in a way that isn't bad.  I love books that surprise you at the end.

I had one place to be yesterday~at my friend's salon for Jonah and Noah to get a haircut~so I decided to start another book out of the library stack I'd gotten a week and a half ago.  Also, that last trip to my library was a major library score.

This is another author I had never read before, and though I'm not sure if I'll read another of hers anytime soon, I like this book and consider it very interesting and informative on the lives of people who are in politics.  It's crazy, the games that are played to get to the top, and though it's fiction, I know there is some truth in that.  While Todd and Noah watched a movie last night, I sat and read this in here with them, then eventually moved to the kitchen table so I could see better.  #helloforty

I even had on my glasses, but it was a lighting issue.


I have a few chapters left, and I'll be done with this one as well.

Like I said, this is the week for me to read a lot.  The weather helps.  I love sitting and reading a great book when it's gloomy and dreary outside, and yesterday was both.  I'm fighting the urge to go read now, but I'm leaving soon and need to get a move on things.

Speaking of leaving, is it silly that I'm excited to go buy new hair products?  If so, then I suppose I'm silly.  I'm going with my mom, and we're going to a wholesale beauty product place, and I love to go there and look through everything they sell.  (All kinds of shampoos, conditioners, products, and even OPI nail polish.)  I'm glad Mom is going with me.  :)

On a much more serious note, I posted this verse yesterday and asked everyone to stop and pray with me right then for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.  I'm asking that again.  Our church sends people to Southeast Asia quite often, and one brother there is being questioned for his faith in Jesus.  This is a man who I am friends with on Facebook, and so are most of the people who are in my church family.  There were teams of people from our church with him all summer long, almost, and this hits really close to home for them, and for me, as I was praying for them all.  The last team just came home this past Saturday.  Even my pastor was there in August.  Will you help me pray for Samson and his family right now?

Thank you in advance.

Love to all.

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