Monday, October 16, 2017

the weekend

This was me, attempting to wake up today.  I have no idea why I am so tired!  Now that I'm up, I'm fine, but waking up was another story.  I turned off my alarm and slept in an extra fifteen minutes.  It felt a little scandalous, doing that, but I'm a rebel.  For the last two nights, I've had kids out extra late, and I'm blaming my tiredness on that.  Waking up on and off, making sure they're home will do that to your sleeping. 

This was a great weekend!  You can tell it's finally feeling like fall around here, because we spent time outside.

On Friday night, Toddley worked with the sheriff's department, but the boys and I went to a friend's house for a cookout and bonfire.  There were lots of teenagers there, and lots of yummy food.  Eventually we started the bonfire, and though it was nice, it could have been a good twenty degrees cooler, to suit my taste.

I love a good bonfire.  Tis the season for them!

We left and headed home around nine thirty.  I rode with my friend and her hubby, and coming home, Noah joined us.  He's not much of a night owl either.

On Saturday, I did a lot of laundry and straightening up after I had quiet time.

I love these verses in Ephesians five, on wives and husbands, and I pray these over my husband and my boys for their future selves. 

I didn't feel great for the rest of the day, though, and just laid around, messing up my plans to hit the grocery store.  That afternoon, we left at four fifteen to go to my dad's house. 

My dad lives in the country, on about ten acres or so, with a lake in the front of the property.  On that lake is a deck, that had seen much better days.  Over the summer, he had it redone, and so, this deck revival party was planned to celebrate.  I spent many a night out on this deck over the lake with friends and family.  When I was young, this was where we had get-togethers, and the teenagers always loved coming out to the country for a bonfire. 

I have so many memories wrapped around this lake and deck.  One is when we had a big bonfire right by the lakeshore one time, and I sat too close to the fire.  The bottoms of my shoes melted!  This guy ended up giving me a piggy back ride back to my house, because I couldn't walk in them, and the ground was freezing.

Countless hours were spent out here when I was a young girl, and I lost count of all the hayrides, bonfires, and youth events we held here.  The deck is new now, though, and Dad strung some Christmas lights and plans on leaving them up all year long.  I'd love to buy him some of those lights with the giant bulbs and string them from the lampposts. 

It was a fun night.  The boys all fished, and we ate hot dogs and chili. 

Yesterday we spent at church.  I was there from eight thirty until almost one thirty, then again from three to five thirty.  Community group was from six until eight, by the time everyone went home.  I came home and watched a couple of episodes of The Good Wife (SO. GOOD.), then went to bed.  Todd and three of the boys spent yesterday afternoon at the racetrack in Millington.  A show they love, Street Outlaws, was here for the weekend, and they got to go and experience that, even meeting a couple of the guys. 

Jonah was there, too, but I haven't gotten that picture yet.  I know they had a blast, but man, they spent the entire day there!  I know they're tired today.  Todd and Jonah didn't come home until after two this morning, and it was after one when Graham got back.  Needless to say, I am letting them sleep in today.  Drew didn't go~this isn't really his thing, so he kept busy while I was gone most of the day, then he was here with me again last night when he came back from community group.  This is a huge perk of Todd working with the sheriff's department.  Most people don't get to be so close to the track, and they definitely don't get to meet the guys from the show.  He worked Saturday night so that he could do this with them on Sunday. 

Well, laundry is calling my name, and I have to go grocery shopping now.  Have a great day!  Love to all. 

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