Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

We've had family in town for a week now, and it's been the best week.  They arrived from Colorado last Saturday and they're going back home today.  Even though it's been busy for them all, I felt like we got to see everyone a lot.  I don't always feel like that when family comes in town.  Family is my favorite, and even though we missed the ones who couldn't be here, we enjoyed the ones who were here, for the time they were here. 

A little tidbit about myself: I HATE saying goodbye.  Especially when my sisters are in town, because I never know when I'll see them again.  I always tear up when I say goodbye, and even writing it out makes me that way. 

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post.

I mentioned family...this is my sister Lisa.  We went and saw the BEST movie Sunday night.  I had some free time because we didn't have any church or community group going on.  Seeing movies in the theater is one of my favorite things to do.  I love movies, and I love going to the movie theater.  I don't go that often, because I'm really picky about what I spend money on, and if I don't know that I'll love it, I won't go.  I knew I would love the movie we saw, though, Wonder, because of all that I had read about it and heard about it that week on The Today Show.  Also there with us were my sister Trish and Mom. 

Also, we have new reclining seats in our local theater, and they are the best.

One of my favorite moments from all time was the moment when my twins got to meet and later on, hold, my niece Erika's twins.  Their dream came true and they've been waiting on this moment since they first found out she was pregnant with twins.  I might have teared up a good bit when this all took place. 

If you're considering a new bible, I strongly recommend the She Reads Truth bible.  I got mine about three weeks ago, and it is my favorite that I've ever had.  I love getting new bibles and marking them up and making them my own.  This one has white colored pages (I prefer white over cream) and the margins are nice and wide, so that I can write in them.  I keep reading on the reviews of this bible, that people complain about the thin pages, but in my opinion, they're no thinner than any other bible I've ever owned.  This is not a journaling bible, with thick pages for that kind of thing.  It's a regular, wide margin bible.

Also, these are some of my favorite verses in the New Testament. 

I love having a bible reading plan during this season, and this one is my current favorite.  There are lots you can buy, but I was able to download this one for free, through The Daily Grace Co.  I think it's over now, though.  If you're my friend in real life, though, and would like to do this, I wouldn't mind making you copies.  I put all of this into a three ring binder and will start on December one. 

This is my favorite little book to read at Christmas.  It's good to read and to pause and remember to be still before the Lord each day and during any moment that He gives.  I love to use any pocket of time that I have to talk to Him, to read His word, to sing His praises.  I don't always have time for a whole hour each day, but He is always so faithful to give me time when I pray and ask Him for that. 

I read this last year and will read it again this year, as part of my quiet time after I've done my bible reading.

I made three apple pies on Wednesday.  They are my honey's favorite.  It's the recipe out of the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, and I've used this same one for twenty one years.  The double crust recipe is out of the same book.  I have people comment on how good the crust is, but I think there are two things that help tremendously.  One, is to follow the recipe TO THE LETTER.  That is crucial to any dough recipe.  Two is to not over-mix, or over-knead.  The more you knead, the tougher the dough can become.  This is especially true if you used cold, cubed butter, but this recipe calls for shortening instead of butter.

This same crust would be AMAZING with the ingredients for a chicken pot pie.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.  Not necessarily the day itself, although I love family time, but that it's the start of my favorite season.  Words cannot adequately describe how much I love this time of year.  I'm already sorry for over-gramming.  If you get aggravated with that kind of thing on Instagram, please just keep scrolling and ignore all my posts.  Instagram is my favorite form of social media, by the way, especially the stories portion. 

This is one of my favorite moments from yesterday at Mom's.  I loved seeing the babies light up over this little musical box thing that plays Christmas carols.  This was my Noah's favorite thing about Christmas when he was little.  I also love that Noah loves Christmas as much as I do.  He might be the only one who shares in my excitement over this season, and all things that are pretty and decorated. 

Tonight we're eating with my dad and stepmom, then going to see the lights at our local zoo.  That is one of our favorite traditions with them, and it kicks off our other traditions that we so love. 

Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all. 


I just now remembered that I've not yet introduced our newest addition to the family.  This is Chip, and he comes to live with us today.  (I might be crazy, I realize that.)  This was all very unplanned, and last minute, but sometimes, when you see a picture of a pup, you just know that somehow he is yours.  He needed a home with lots of love and that is what we are.  I can't wait to meet him!  He and his sister are coming here today, then Graham's girlfriend and her family are getting her and taking her to home with them.  

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