Wednesday, December 27, 2017

It was the most wonderful time of year...

...and now I'm ready for all the Christmas stuff to go away.  It's a battle every single year.  Usually it all comes down in the day or two after Christmas, but this year is different because our entire upstairs is torn up.  I'm hoping that will all be done by Friday, and in the process of cleaning up from the aftermath of all the work we're having done, I can also work on the Christmas decorations being put away.

It was a wonderful few days!  I saw "few", because that is how long it took us to celebrate.  On the day before Christmas Adam, we had Christmas dinner with Todd's parents.  I got an early gift!  I saw it, because it couldn't be wrapped, and my sis in love let me bring it home.

Then on Christmas Adam we met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then headed to the in-love's house for gift opening.  We were there all day until we left to go take some pictures, then we headed home soon after that.

This is Todd's brother Tim.  We always love getting to be with them, since we don't see them often.

I was at church on Christmas Eve at nine for a sound check for the praise team, then we had a normal service, minus Sunday school.  We all went our separate ways after this, and my step dad Bill and I enjoyed a little "daddy and daughter" date.  We ate lunch and then each went and ran our own errands. 

At four that afternoon, we had our candlelight service.

This is my favorite service of the entire year.  I practically weep through the entire thing.

Then after this, we went to Daddy's to celebrate with him.

I love all their decorations.  It was a lovely evening, and we enjoyed being with family we don't get to see very much.

Todd woke us all up at six thirty on Christmas morning, and it was mayhem as everyone opened gifts.  Graham and Drew knew what most of their gifts were, and had picked them all out.  They are separating into their own rooms for the first time in about sixteen years, and got new furniture that they will take with them when they get married someday. 

Jonah and Noah were surprised by everything.  It was a wonderful morning!

We headed to Mom's at noon.

It was Mom, Bill, Trish, Devin (my nephew), (another nephew) Tyler, his fiance Terri, Todd's parents, and the six of us. 

It was a wonderful, wonderful day.  We are so blessed and fortunate, and I thank God for the ultimate gift that He gave us in His Son Jesus. 

We came home at about four, and my dad and stepmom came over to see all the gifts the boys received, and to snack on goodies leftover.  This is always a favorite tradition of ours, and theirs too, I believe. 

And then that night...

I made our bed with our new blanket that we received as a gift, and then sat and cuddled with my littlest Christmas present.

It was perfect and magical. 

Thank you for reading my blog!  Love to all. 

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