Thursday, December 21, 2017

Life Lately

I didn't intend to take a blogging break, but it became one, so I thought I'd play a little catch up, for the sake of memories I don't want to forget, and for anyone who cares. 

I'll start with last week.  Graham took us all out to dinner on the night of my birthday last week.  The bummer part of it was that I didn't feel well.  Looking back, I think I might have had a mild stomach bug.  I sat through dinner, and even ordered something, but I had to bring it home with me, because I couldn't eat.  I did eat it about an hour after we got home.  Wasn't that so sweet of him?  It is not cheap to take six people out for dinner.

On Friday I felt better, and we went out to lunch with my dad for my birthday.  He took us to O'Saka, which is one of my favorite places to eat.  We sat at a hibachi table and had the whole experience.

So fun.  That night I made a yummy chicken casserole that my friend Lorri gave me the recipe for, and I doubled it, so we could have leftovers.  Um, so we had extras that night, and there was enough leftover for Todd and myself to have for lunch the next day, and that was it.  I guess they loved it as much as I did.  He worked that night, with the sheriff's department.  (Friday/)

On Saturday, my bed skirt came in, so we made our bed with all the new coverings, and I love it!

Our gift to one another this year is a new bedroom and bathroom.  We are having them both spruced up and we're adding new fixtures, drawer pulls, and paint.  We haven't touched the way our room looks in the fourteen years we've lived here.  That night, the boys and I hung out here, and in a very rare move for him, he went and had a guys night with some friends from the sheriff's department.  Well, he and Graham both went, and Rachel and I watched a movie downstairs while the others hung out. 

(The Circle wasn't quite what I thought it was, and it ended horribly.)

We spend Sunday morning at church, and then my bestie and I attended a wedding together.  I was her plus one, since her hubby had to leave for work.

Let me say here, that the wedding was magical and right out of a Hallmark Christmas movie, as was the reception.

DANG IT, I should have had a Christmas wedding, like I wanted!

I'm still mad at myself.

The Quonset was a cool place for a wedding reception, with beautiful brick walls inside and magical lights everywhere.

After this, we ran and got pizza, then headed to community group.

These arrived over the weekend, and I proceeded to bawl like a baby.  I didn't think I'd react that way, since I just had one graduate last year, but that wasn't the case.  It hit me really hard when I saw these, and Todd just laughed at me, but it'll hit him too, most likely the week they go to youth camp, like what happened with him and Graham last year on the last night.

Isn't he so handsome?

So I have had a pot rack hanging over this peninsula you see to the left for FOURTEEN years, and when Todd and Noah took it down the other night so we could raise it, when I saw how much bigger the room became without it, we left it down, and I am in love with the way the room looks now!  I cannot believe we just left it all those years.  It wasn't anything I needed, it was just something I liked.  So if you're in search of a nice pot rack, we are selling ours.

Oh, Christmas Chip.  This is what we do.  All day long.

The only other exciting thing that's happened this week, was our Christmas party last night for the junior girls.

It was so much fun!  We ate yummy food, we did facials, manicures and pedicures, we watched Santa Clause 1 and 2, we talked about how good Jesus is, and we laughed our heads off.  It was such a fun night. 

Today we have painters here!  I'm so excited about our projects, but I'll write more about that after Christmas.  Thanks for reading!  Hopefully I'll be back on here soon.  Love to all. 

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