Monday, April 9, 2018

the weekend and a little of this, a little of that

I have such a God story that happened on Friday.  Drew and Jonah left in Drew's truck to go get Chip from the vet (he was neutered that day) and they stopped at our church to meet a friend first.  As Drew was backing out of the parking spot, he heard a loud noise and felt his truck do something weird.  He got out to see what had happened, and the tired looked as if it was disconnecting from the truck.  His steering wheel was straight, but the tire was turned severely to the right.  Todd told me that had that happened while he was driving at a normal speed, he would have probably wrecked.  And if he had wrecked, who knows what would have happened. 

I do not believe in coincidences at all, but I do believe that in every single second of our lives, the Lord is watching over us and protecting us from who knows what.  Psalm 91:11 tells us that He gives His angels orders concerning us.  I love that!  I also believe that we should all be on the lookout for things like this that He does everyday.  It is strengthening to our faith, and when we look for Him and His hand, we can be sure to find it.  If you are in need of some encouragement that the Lord is always close, ask Him to help you see Him as He moves.  And then watch for Him.  I also love to fill my journal with stories such as this one.  It is biblical for us to look back and remember.  All throughout Deuteronomy, we are told that.  I can't even remember how many times it says that in that book.  Remember.  Remember!

Todd worked Friday night, so I invited ourselves out to my mom's house.  We had the most delicious tacos!  And homemade guacamole.  Oh, my soul.  I love guacamole.  When we came home, three of my sons went midnight bowling, and one went to a friend's to spend the night.  Chip and I were alone all night, so I watched something.  I cannot remember what it was for the life of me.

On Saturday, it was so cold!  I had plans to go buy some soap for our bathrooms, but I called it a day and changed back into yoga pants and my coziest sweatshirt.  Also, I was so tired.  Todd and Graham left at six thirty that morning to go work at the sheriff's department, and so I just stayed home and watched Netflix.  All day long.  Also, I was very emotional all day and not fit for company.

I was so glad to be back in church yesterday!  I know I say it repeatedly, but I am so thankful for our church family.  I love the pastors and staff so much, and I can't tell you how many times we were asked about my sister-in-love yesterday.  Todd and I both were in tears last night, as we talked about this and appreciated them for how much they care and that they pray so faithfully for the needs of the people in the church family.

Today the laundry and I have a date.  Also, I really need to do some sprucing up and cleaning in our bedroom and bathroom.  I'll be doing that and some other little house things throughout the day, and then tonight we have a women's event at church, my favorite kind, called Girlfriend's Cafe.  We have dessert and coffee and are always uplifted by whoever is speaking that night.  I'm excited to hear my friend speak tonight, and this is reminding me that I need to get off of here and go pray for her, because she didn't feel the greatest yesterday, and I promised her I would pray for her off and on all day. 

I'm including a link to one of the best articles I've ever read on friendship.  I came across this last week and was immediately so thankful for the godly women I have in my life.  I'm so fortunate to have a handful who point me to Jesus.  I thank God for them.  Click HERE if you want to read it. 

Happy Monday, friends.  Love to all. 

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