Friday, August 24, 2018

a fun night out

I didn't mean to take a blogging break, but that's what happens when you're not quite up to par.  I live near Memphis, for anyone who doesn't know me, and we are known for our notoriously RIDICULOUS weather.  We had a front with rain come through one day, and then we had a cool front move in right after.  That made my sinuses go crazy and I've been dealing with it all week and just trying to get better.  (Medicine does help.)

I've carried on with plans on two days this week, but everything else I had to cancel, including my plans for today.  I do have a haircut in two hours, though, and I am not canceling that!  #mamaneedsahaircut

Last night was the night I've been looking forward to for two weeks.  We got all dressed up and went to dinner and a play.  My husband's (and his dad's) company repairs medical equipment, and one of their customers is the World Cataract Foundation, located here in Memphis.  Any time they need anything done, they donate their services to them at no charge.  Because of that, and as a thank you, we were given tickets to a cocktail hour and a play.  The play was Newsies, and it did not disappoint! 

It was everything I thought it would be, and more.  The music was incredible and the dancing made me want to get up there and join them.  (That would've been a show!)  I loved seeing the stage my husband performed on when he was about thirteen years old, when he was in A Christmas Carol.  I've heard him talk about it for years, and he liked describing everything to me.  I about died laughing when he leaned over and told me, "I'm pretty sure I thought the stage and theater were a lot bigger than this."  To his little thirteen year old self, I'm sure it was huge. 

Anyway, if you're near me, you should go see for yourself.  The play was at Theatre Memphis, and will be playing for a while.  (I think.) 

Here are some pictures from the night.

Left to right, our oldest son Graham and his girlfriend Rachel, Todd, me, Phyllis and Wiley, my hubby's parents.  They have one other employee that works with them, Ron, but he and his wife were unable to come with us.  Maybe next year we'll get a repeat and join us.

A more close up of Graham and Rachel. 

(I loved the green wall behind them and made them pose there.)

 And Toddley and me. 

I love him and am so glad we got to have a fun night out.  It's been a minute since we've had a date night, and we need another one soon, maybe just the two of us next time. 

I was so thankful to the Lord for how He made me feel better last night!  Every other night this week, I have felt terrible, and that was not the case last night.  I just kept sipping my water and eating all the cough drops my mom-in-love brought for me.  I had two dear and sweet friends praying for me, because I really wanted to enjoy the night and not be miserable. 

Thanks to them both for lifting me up in prayer! 

Happy Friday, friends.  Love to all. 

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