Thursday, September 20, 2018

Life Lately

Before I get started, I have to begin with the sermon my pastor preached in church this past Sunday.  It was titled, God's Unseen Hand, it will go down in history as one of my very favorite he has ever preached.  I'm going to attempt to paste the link to the sermon, I hope it works! 

If that doesn't work, go to this website:  Click on "I'm Family", then go to Media, and scroll down until you see that sermon pop up.  It's about forty minutes, but it never seems long when he preaches. 

I love talking about how amazing God is, and how awesome His providence is.  I have taught this to my boys for as long as they were young enough to stand still, and I always say to everyone that I do NOT believe in coincidence.  God has a purpose for every single thing that happens, and He uses it to accomplish His purpose.  In praying yesterday, I had one such moment with an instance with Drew.  I'm going to pause there, and continue on first, and when I get to Drew's part, I'll explain.

After a crazy weekend, on Monday, I had to replenish what was eaten out of our pantry and refrigerator.  I've gotten on that Monday grocery shopping thing lately, and have been for several weeks in a row, now.  That was about the extent of my day.  I came home and put back on comfy clothes, and enjoyed a night at home with my family.  Originally I had made plans to attend a womens event at our church, but I stayed home to be with my family.  It had been a minute since I'd had a night at home. 

Have I mentioned that I'm a homebody?  I am.  I finished a GREAT book on this night, too. 

On Tuesday, I had bible study, but I missed it this week, because my dad-in-love had a knee replacement surgery.  I wasn't sure if anyone was there with my mom-in-love, so I went and sat with her for part of the day.  I was there by about ten, then we ate lunch together and talked with Wiley's sister and her husband.  Turns out they were already there when I arrived, and I was glad to see them.  I came back home for a while and then made dinner.  We ate quickly and cleaned up in the kitchen, then we took some dinner to them in the hospital.  They always keep him for one night after his surgery, just as a precaution.

We had fun visiting, and I was glad to see him sitting up and looking great.

And then....

Todd fixed the clock on the wall, above that entertainment unit.  The maintenance man had been in there like three times to do this job, but never succeeded, so Todd jumped in and did it instead.  I caught him on that chair, and we all cracked up.

He did fix the clock, by the way, of COURSE my handy man of a husband did. 

Yesterday, Drew took my car to school downtown, so I was glad at the opportunity to stay home and catch up on bible study homework, laundry, and some cleaning. 

He had his first test at school yesterday, in anatomy and physiology, and he has another one today.  About God's providence....Drew had totally forgotten that he needed to buy a pack of Scan Tron sheets for tests in this class, and while he was dressing yesterday, God brought it to his mind.  He got there early and bought three packs, because they're so inexpensive, and then he noticed that a couple of his classmates forgot theirs.  His professor asked if he would mind sharing his with them, and she would give him plenty back to repay him.  I just think that's really cool, that she saw him being prepared for class, and then asked him to help out those two that had forgotten...out of a whole classroom, she chose Drew.  I think it's awesome that she saw him being helpful, and that she trusts him enough to call on him.  Also, God had him buy extra so all this could happen.  That is just one teeny tiny way that we see evidence of God's unseen hand at work in our lives, but He is always doing things like this!  My pastor encouraged us to be on the lookout for such moments like these.  I like to write them down in my journal, so that I can look back and remember.  He is so good to us!

I made some roasted okra for lunch for Noah and me, and it was delicious, and beautiful. 

(Is it weird that I think food and pictures of food is something beautiful?)

(Slice it, drizzle with olive oil and plenty of sea salt, or regular salt, then roast at four hundred degree for twenty to twenty five minutes.  It's supposed to get crunchy, but mine never did...but it was still really good.  It's not slimy anymore, when you roast it.)

Yesterday afternoon, I threw on some proper clothes and went to watch my best friend's little girl. 

I did not throw on makeup.  Everly did not mind that I was without it, it turns out.  I came back home after this and ate dinner, then started a new book.  I didn't put it down until I was halfway through it, either, it's THAT good.  I had a really great library haul the last time I went.  I get to watch her again on Friday afternoon, and then I'll be with her on Tuesday next week, as well.

Today I am doing more of the same.  Bible study homework, laundry, vacuuming, house stuff....and then tonight we finish the bible study two of my friends and I have been doing with some young ladies from our church.  We're doing another one, but we have a three week break before we'll start back.  Meanwhile, I'm also going through the book of Malachi with some sweet women from church.  Even though I had to miss, I've been keeping up with them.

It's been significantly less busy around here this week, and for that, I am thankful. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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