Monday, March 11, 2019


Because life and being busy, I have no recent pictures of my sons.  Even if we weren't busy, I still wouldn't have pictures, because rarely do they pose for me or with me.  Maybe tonight I'll get some.  Our family is coming over to celebrate, along with some friends, and today is the busiest day of all busy days.  There are so many things going on, that Todd and I are sharing responsibilities today and dividing and conquering. 

Yesterday was Jonah's and Noah's sixteenth birthday!  They're going to get their licenses today.  Todd is taking them while I go to a hair appointment at the same time.  This is the day I've been dreading for the last sixteen years.  After today, all of them will officially be "set free" to drive, and I know by now, that means a whole lot less togetherness.  I have such mixed emotions about it all, because it is sad, but it's exciting to experience them all grown or growing up.  The older they get, the more I love their ages, and the teenage years were nowhere near as bad as I'd heard. 

They'll forever be "the babies" to me.  And around this age. 

I love those little faces.  Noah is the one on the left, Jonah on the right.  I'm pretty sure this was their first time to ever play miniature golf, and I think we were on vacation. 

I may have cried three times on Saturday, but I'm good now.  Until they drive off the first time, but whatever.  I'm fairly certain Noah is planning on driving himself and a friend to get a Redbox movie tonight.  Jonah is driving them to play football tomorrow with some of the students from church.  For now, we're all just sharing vehicles, and then hopefully in a couple of months, we will get one vehicle for them to share for now, at least, because who in the world can afford two at once?  This was always one downside to twins. 

Today is Graham's twentieth birthday.

Twenty sounds so much older than nineteen!  He's already living out a responsible life, so it won't be that different for him, but I look forward to great things for him this year.  I have no idea if he'll do this or not, but he is contemplating moving out in the next few months, and getting an apartment with a friend.  He works full time, he volunteers with the sheriff's department in our county, he spends time with friends whenever he can, and for now, he just keeps spending his money on his truck.  We've encouraged him to do this while he can, that will not always be the case once he does move out on his own. 

Aside from all things birthday, I was so glad to pick up my hubby from the airport Friday night.  We picked up some food from the Costco food court to bring home to eat that night.  He enjoyed most of the day at home on Saturday, then he and Graham ended up working a shift that night, as a favor to the guy Todd always works with.  We had church yesterday, then I had choir practice, and as soon as that was over, I ran to Kroger to grocery shop for the week.  Todd is making my Costco run for me today, for which I'm grateful.  I may have lunch with my friend and old neighbor today, then I have a hair appointment at one thirty, while Todd takes the boys to get their licenses.  Drew is at school this morning, then is coming home to switch vehicles, and then is going straight to work for the rest of the day.  It's spring break week, so normally his hours at from three fifteen to six fifteen, but this week everyday he will be going to work right after his classes.

It's a busy day.  And week!  I know the boys are all glad to be out on spring break, and that they'll be able to drive this week.  How fun for them, right?  Insert crying face emoji here.  Well, I have a million things to get started on, so I'd better run.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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