Tuesday, April 2, 2019

all about the people in my house

Happy Tuesday!  It is beautiful day, where I live, and I love that it is APRIL.  The end of our school year is right around the corner, and Drew's first year of college is almost done.  That is so crazy to think about.  It flew by!  

I thought I'd share three random things about the people who live under the same roof as me.  I don't share about them very often.

Left to right: Jonah, Drew, Graham, Noah.  This was almost a year ago, so they're all taller now, and their hair is different, but mostly they still look the same.

I'll start with Graham, since he's the oldest.  

He works full time.  His truck is his, and he pays for most of his own stuff.  He is obsessed with his truck, and it makes me laugh.  We encourage him in this, because he will only be this age once in his life, and while he is not tied down to anyone or anything, he has the extra money.  This may bug some people, but I kinda think my hubby lives vicariously through Graham fixing up his truck.  I love that he knows what hard work and ownership feels like.  When he isn't working on doing something to his truck, he loves to play disc golf with friends.  He also loves Netflix and will sometimes bring some work home and do that while he watches a show in the background.  

Drew is next, and tomorrow, he turns nineteen!  I cannot believe that his first year of college is almost over.  His last day of class is April 26, and the next week, he'll take all his finals, and then life as a college freshmen will be over.  I am so proud of how well he has done all year, he even made the dean's list his first semester.  Drew is proof that if you really want something and work at it with all your heart, you can achieve anything.  He has a great attitude about school and life, and he knows when it's time to be serious, and when he needs to have some fun.  He is a great manager of his time and he gives himself a night off two nights each week.  The other five, he studies and does his work.  He loves his part time job at a Christian daycare in our town.  His hours are from three fifteen to six fifteen five nights a week, but when the kids are out of school and he's out of school, his hours will increase greatly.  

Jonah is the kid who loves to make sure that when I come home from a day or night away, the house is clean.  Todd and I got home yesterday, and the laundry had been done and he had vacuumed.  I so appreciate that about him.  He loves to create order where there is none.  He has made the garage one of his areas in the house that he is in charge of, and he is the one who has made it organized.  He is a very hard worker, and he loves to detail cars for people, and he makes great money doing it.  He has never been one to sit and do nothing.  He will occasionally get on the X-Box, but he doesn't watch movies or binge watch shows.  Every morning he comes down for breakfast, and he'll sit and watch one episode of the latest cop show he's watching, then he'll get up and do his school work.  He works on the tech stuff for the youth area at our church, and he takes is seriously.  He stays up to date on current events, and he is very knowledgeable about cars and trucks and is always learning something new about products he wants to try with detailing cars.  

Noah is the youngest, and he loves playing video games and being with friends.  Just the other day, Jonah had someone here while he was detailing his vehicle (a friend of Todd's), and Noah drove the guy to lunch at a nearby restaurant, then went in him while he ate and talked to him to keep him company.  Noah has always been a really great communicator, and I don't know that any of my other boys would have done that kind of thing when they were sixteen.  He wasn't comfortable doing this, necessarily, but you would never have known that.  He knows how to talk with people, and when he actually does this, he is funny and engaging.  He has the kindest heart out of any of my boys, and would literally give you the shirt off his back.  He has this great laugh that always leads to the funniest hiccups I have ever heard, and he knows how to laugh at himself.  

All my boys have a friend in a brother.  Graham and Jonah are always together, and Drew and Noah are always with each other.  It's interesting how that works, and how each set is just alike.  Graham and Jonah are closer to Todd, and Drew and Noah are closer to me.  When they were growing up, I lost count of how many times I said to them how important it was to treat each other with kindness.  I would also tell them that friends would come and go throughout their life, but their brothers would always be there.  I praise God that they are all so close.  There were years when I wasn't sure if it would happen the way I'd hoped.  I knew that all of them being so close in age would help with this, and it definitely has.  

Todd is always busy with work and with working for the sheriff's department.  While that is like a whole other part time job, it is also his hobby, and he loves working each weekend.  May is coming up, and along with that, Memphis in May, which he loves the most.  He will work all the weekends of the music fest and the barbecue fest.  When he is actually able to unplug from all his work and relax, he loves to laugh and have fun.  It doesn't happen often, but from time to time, I see the younger version of him again, before all this responsibility of life hit.  At night, he loves to watch The Voice or a cop show on Hulu or Netflix.  When he goes to change into pajamas at night, he will go into one of the boys' rooms and hang out with them for a while.  I love that about him, and that while he is a really great dad to them, he also works at having a good relationship with them all as well.  

And lastly, I'll share a little of what I love, in case you don't already know.  If it's during the day time, you'll find me completing the homework I'm doing for my current bible study (on the book of Malachi), or you'll find me doing things around the house or reading.  I like to get all the serious stuff done early in the day, and by the afternoon, if I'm sitting, I'm reading or watching an episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  I'm really trying to read more this year, though, instead of watching Netflix, and I have to say that I am exceeding at this.  It's only April 2, and I have already read twenty three books in 2019.

Each morning, there are a few things I do during my quiet time.  I always start with prayer, though the time I spend in this varies.  I am still doing scripture writing, and try to keep up with it each day.  I read it a few times, usually, then I will write it all out in my journal.  Lastly, I'll read my chapter in the new testament that I'm reading through with my church family, and journal about what I've read.  We are currently in the book of Luke.  The last thing I do is bible study homework, and sometimes it'll be a few hours after my quiet time.  That is always how I start my day, then I go about the rest.  I definitely like to be winding things down after lunch time, with the exception of dinner prep.  

Well, enough about all that.  I have things that I need to be doing!  Today is like my Monday, so my list is long.  Thanks for reading~ love to all. 

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