Monday, June 3, 2019

the weekend and a link up

Good morning, friends, and happy Monday!  (I think whatever the day, I will always put the word "happy" in front of it to make it a greeting.  Also, all the days run together for me, so every day is a great day.)

I am linking up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road, and her friends, for this blog post.

This was a great weekend.  I saw my husband more than usual (he was SO BUSY the month of May), and that is always nice.  On Friday afternoon I sent him a text saying, "Let's go on a date!", but then he called me and me and told me he had just told his friend Chris that he was taking me out that night.  I love when that happens, and I always love it the most when it's his idea.  We were so hungry and were craving sushi, but our favorite place was right near where a local Italian Fest was being held and would be heavy with traffic, so we went to a Chinese buffet here in The Ville.  (Our favorite little sushi place is in Memphis.)  It was really good.

After dinner, he had to run in to a few stores, and because my foot was sore (it's fractured), I sat and waited in the truck.

He ran into Hobby Lobby for some measuring tape that he needed for Saturday.  He has been going through some training with the sheriff's department here in our county (he has volunteered with them for about eleven years, and is on Emergency Services), and this Saturday they were having a trial run at what they would be tested on this coming Saturday.

After this, he went to Lowe's for some rope that he also needed for his training, and finally, he went to Target to pick up a prescription.  I never care what we do, I just enjoy us being together.  I went to bed right after we got home, because I wanted to take my boot off.  I think sometimes my ankle gets sore from the boot, and all of a sudden after a day like that, it feels super constricting.  I wake up and put it on at six thirty a.m. and take it off at nine thirty every night when I go to bed.  (I never usually fall asleep that early, I lay there and watch an episode of something on Netflix or Hulu, sometimes more than one.  Last night, the last time I looked at the clock it was eleven fifteen, but it feels so good to lay there with no walking boot.)

My Friday night outfit.  And showing off the sun I got when I texted with my mom.  Swimming on Friday felt wonderful!  It was hot outside and the water was really cool.

On Saturday, Mom and my sister Trish came and picked me up to go shopping.  We started with lunch (I'm laughing, because we always do this.)  We had guacamole, cheese dip and salsa for lunch, and it was incredible.  We just ran around to several different stores that day.  I had a few things I was needing (wanting) to purchase, and I got them all.  (Two new summer-y smelling candles, some hand soap for the downstairs bathroom, some coconut scented body lotion, and a new bottle of Seche Vite and a new OPI color called Dance Party Teal Dawn.)  We looked around at a few other stores, but didn't buy anything.  Todd ended up working at that Italian Fest that night, because nobody else signed up from ES and he was asked.  He didn't mind, trust me, because he gets free Italian food that he always says is incredible.  I stayed home that night and the boys ran around with friends.

I was at church bright and early Sunday morning for praise team rehearsal, and this was me making sure again that my outfit was stage-appropriate.

I am super self conscience about what I wear when I sing on praise team on Sundays, and normally I'm not a fan of dresses, but y'all, this heat and this boot are making me not care.  This (and the picture above this one) is another one of those dresses I bought at Walmart a couple of weeks ago.  I went to order a red one this weekend, but they're already sold out, even online.  But my upcoming weekend trip may take care of this problem!  I will write more about that next week, though.

Starting last Wednesday night, my best friend let me borrow her van all weekend.  She and her hubby were going out of town for the weekend, so she insisted I take it to drive, and I SO appreciated her generosity.  I drove it several times while she was gone and will be forever grateful to her.  I am praying we get Drew's truck back before Friday!  I have to have my own car this weekend.  After church, I returned her van to her, then Todd and I drove through Arby's for some lunch to bring home.  We both took a nap after we ate (glorious!) and then last night we attended a party that our worship pastor gives for the praise team members and their spouses/families each year.  The boys decided to skip it, so Todd and I went, and I'm so glad he was home to go with me.  It was a really fun night out in the country, and the scenery was beautiful.  I had to miss this last year, so I'm glad it worked out this year for us to go.  It's nice to see people away from the church building, and it's nice getting to know the spouses.  We spend a lot of time together practicing each week, and it is really sweet of our worship pastor to do this for us.  I got to sit beside the sweetest little baby girl, too, so that's even better.

And that's about it, for the weekend catch-up.  It was a good one, and this week is busy!  I know it's going to fly by.  Tonight is the only night ALL WEEK, we'll all be home together for dinner, so I'm going to make it one everybody will love.  Drew's work hours this week have him off at twelve forty-five each day, so when he gets home, I'm running to grocery shop for a few things for dinner and lunches.  Graham and Jonah are leaving for Daytona Beach Wednesday morning, and Todd has training all week.  I hope to see my sister Debi who will be in town for a couple of nights on Thursday night, and then I leave town bright and early Friday morning.

Such is life in this season.  I don't hate it, I have to say.  It's just busy and takes some thoughtful planning to determine what's for dinner, but I love this stage of life that all my sons are in.  I try to embrace each season of life.  Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all.

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