Monday, November 18, 2019

a day in the life, and #onedayhh

On Friday, I participated in a day in the life challenge on Instagram called #onedayhh (one day hour by hour) hosted by Laura Tremaine.  I have to stop here and say that I follow a lot of people on Instagram, and I can't remember exactly how I came across them.  I think this one may have been mentioned by one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, this is someone who is my age, or around my age, and she lives in LA with her husband and two kids.  Her husband is a Netflix Original movie producer, so their life is totally opposite from mine, yet one I find fascinating. 

I just thought I'd give you the back story on this person, but she is the one who came up with this hashtag and day on social media.  I have a few friends who participate in this as well, and it's always fun to see their day.  I love blog posts that are "day in the life" type posts, so I thought I'd share my day for anyone who didn't see mine on Instagram. 

Here is what my Friday looked like. 

I don't have a picture of this first part, but at five a.m., I sat straight up in bed, thinking Drew had overslept and was going to be late for his last day of clinicals.  I ran into his room and saw that he had not overslept and was already gone.  Needless to say, I just went downstairs at that point, because my blood was pumping too hard to lay back down.  But I came and sat down in my recliner with the news on, and I fell asleep until seven.  I got up from my chair, let the dogs out and fed them, made myself a cup of coffee and sat back down to drink it.

I like to watch The Today Show, but I think on this day the presidential impeachment hearing started, and I turned off the television.  I finished my coffee and browsed social media on my phone, then got up to make lunch and to-go coffee for my husband.  Graham stayed home again on this day, because he was sick.  (He had stayed home on Thursday as well.)

When my coffee was finished, I made my second cup of the day, then took it to the kitchen table for my quiet time. 

The sun pores into the windows behind me and warms me up, so I love to open the window, and when I do that, Twinkles jumps onto the sill.  She loves looking outside and letting the breeze blow on her.  I sat here for a solid hour and a half.  I prayed, and read the final chapter in 2 Peter, I wrote in my journal, and then I got on the computer and finished writing an article for Tirzah Magazine, then did some things on my blog and shared my weekly Friday Favorites post.

My coffee had been finished, and I had moved onto water.  I made a list of things to do before my dad came over for the day, and then I got up and started doing them all.  I dusted the downstairs, vacuumed the floors, cleaned all the kitchen counters, and cleaned the downstairs bathroom.  I took laundry upstairs to fold, then made my bed and brushed my teeth, and then folded all the clothes on my freshly made bed.  I cleaned in my bedroom, took all the laundry to the appropriate rooms, then went into my bathroom to get dressed for my day.  While I had been doing all of this, I had been listening to choir music for Sunday.  I subbed for a girl on praise team this weekend, and needed to be familiar with the music we were singing in church on that Sunday, and the Christmas music we would rehearse while the orchestra was playing behind us.  I took a screenshot of my music, but I forgot to upload it to this post.  I kept on listening to that while I finished getting dressed, and when I was done, I cleaned up after myself and came back downstairs to let the dogs out.

It was right at eleven twenty by this point, and ten minutes later, my dad walked through the back door.  I sent Chip upstairs to Graham for him to watch him, and then Dad and I left to eat lunch at O'Saka.  We ate chicken fried rice for lunch and brought home a good bit for one of sons to eat later on.  (Drew.)  We came back home after that and I made us cups of coffee, and we settled down in the living room to talk and solve all the world's problems.

I set that heater up for the two of us to share, and I fought the urge to close my eyes for a nap.  I get so sleepy everyday after I eat lunch.  I don't know what it is, but it never fails. 

We have this exact routine every single week, mind you, so this day was no different.  Sandy brings him over each week, and I take him home.  Drew had my car this day, so I waited until he got home, and then I took him home.  It was four when Drew got here.  I love the drive to Dad's house.  It's in the country, and fifteen minutes down the road, and on this day, horses were there at his property edge to greet us.

I made sure he was safely inside, then I left.  I called my mom and asked where she and my sister Trish were, because I'd made plans to meet them for dinner and to hang out.  Bill, Jonah and Noah were away, in Oklahoma City for the weekend, and since we weren't doing anything, I joined them.  We went to dinner at Longhorn, then Trish had to run somewhere, so Mom and I left in my car to head back to her house.  I ran some leftovers home, went to Kroger for gas, then finally headed to Mom's house. 

I took pj's to change into, then we settled down to watch a movie on Hallmark.

LOOK at Mom's cute mantle!  They've decorated for Christmas, and I'm slightly jealous.  I really want to put mine up, but I'm trying to wait. 

And that was about all I did that day.  I drank a cup of coffee at Mom's, we sat and talked about who we follow on Instagram, then around eight thirty, I left and came back home.  When I got here, Todd was actually asleep already and in bed, because he had been sick that week.  Graham and Drew had gone to get dinner and were just hanging out.  I went to bed around nine something.  Such an exciting life, right?  ;) 

Love to all. 

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