Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends Erika and Narci, for this blog post. 

I have written two other blog posts this week, but they never shared to social media, and I didn't bother to do it myself.  If you're interested in reading them, feel free to scroll down, or just keep reading this post.  I will start with last weekend. 

Road trips are my favorite, especially of the family variety.  I love my people!  It's so rare that we're all together these days.

Our dear friend Marissa got married last weekend, and we made the quick trip to Long Beach, MS to see it all happen.  I love these guys so much.  It's crazy to think of how big and old they all are these days!  Those years flew by. 

My favorite event at church happened this week, Tablescapes. 

It was different, being on the working side of it this year, but it was still a really fun night, and my mom and sister attended it with me. 

Jonny Diaz was our guest artist this year, and he is the sweetest guy ever.  I helped out at his merchandise table. 

I voluntold Missy to help me, and she is my favorite.  I would not make it through life without this lady!  I tell her all the time that she's stuck with me forever.

I've spent the week in 1 and 2 Peter, in my bible reading plan, and these are some of my favorite verses.  I know, I know.  I always say that. 

My stepdad is also my favorite, because he made this for us this week!  He enlisted the help of Jonah and Noah all week, and I caught Noah goofing off.  This happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then this morning, the three of them left for a long weekend in Oklahoma City.  Trey, my stepbrother, lives there with his little boy, and they went to see him and do lots of fun things.  It's the ultimate guys' trip, and I know those are a favorite for my two younger ones. 

I took the opportunity to neaten up their room for them, since they left so early.  I put away their folded laundry and made their beds, and cleaned off their chest of drawers.  I know they'll appreciate this when they get home Sunday night.

There is not much that's better than a bowl of M&M's and a Diet Coke.  These are two of my favorite things. 

Today my dad comes over, and I'm so excited to introduce him to Disney Plus!  We just subscribed tonight, and I plan on watching ALL THE MOVIES this weekend.  I'm starting tomorrow with either The Parent Trap (the original one) or The Sound of Music.  Dad will be thrilled with this, I'm sure. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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