Thursday, November 7, 2019

a few random things

I know you probably don't care, but I've been ahead of the game all week with blogging.  I don't like to let too many days go by without writing something, and all week, I've been writing ahead of time and scheduling the posts to publish the next day.  This never happens, so I thought I'd document it to remember.  ;)

I have a list of random things from this week so far, that I thought I'd share about. 

First, I have to say how glorious this week has been.  It's NOT been busy at all, and I am enjoying my second full day at home.  And in pajamas, no less.  I've been reading, writing, and not going anywhere.  As I write this, it's two o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, and my second Hallmark Christmas movie of the day is playing.  About that, I just watched Christmas Wonderland, and it was delightful.  It had Emily Osment in it, and I've loved her ever since the days of Hannah Montana.  You read that right.

On with the rest of this post.

Can we talk about this for a minute, and where I got it from?  My best friend tagged me in this on FB.  I don't know how we're even friends, much less BEST FRIENDS.  We are so much alike in almost everything, but in a few things, we are POLAR opposite.  Christmas is one such example.  I am the jingle bell, and she is Scrooge.  (She isn't really like this, just on certain days.)  It's okay that we're opposite on some things, we will always love each other.  Even when we're traveling and I wake up all happy and cheerful and she does not.  We're confident in our friendship though, so these little things won't get in between us.

And she loves me, no matter how much I love Christmas.

I love how excited we get about church, and hearing a guest speaker like the one we heard Wednesday night, who I am anticipating will be great, because we're both reading his book.  I love that our favorite subject to talk about is Jesus, and that we never ever run out of things to say. 

We're dreaming about a quick December trip with the two of us.  We'll see how it goes.

I love these verses I read yesterday in my quiet time.  I ended up writing an article for Tirzah Magazine on them pertaining to the topic of modesty/purity, and hopefully it'll be published soon.  When it does, I'll share it with you. 

LOOK HOW ADORABLE THIS IS.  Sorry for yelling.  I went to Hobby Lobby on Monday, and I was looking for a journal just for November/December, and this one is perfect.  I love that it's a Christmas wreath!  It was the last one they had, but you could probably find it at another store.  The page edges look like candy cane stripes. 

I die.

I'm such a sucker for this type of thing.  Also, I've given my husband a warning message on our letter board about all the Christmas things, and we'll see what he says about it when he reads it.  If he reads it, bless him, he's not always the most observant.

I have to brag on him for a few minutes, because that's always a good thing to do.  I had wanted to work on cleaning off our dining room table Tuesday, but I ended up reading a book all day and didn't accomplish much else.  The table had papers on it that he needed to go through and shred or just throw away.  When he got home from work that day, he started doing this and didn't stop until it was all done.  I'm so thankful!  It was something we were both dreading, but he just did it and got it all out of the way.  To top that off, he also cleaned the kitchen after dinner.  He is my favorite.  I thank God for him, and for all those little, loving things he does for me.  I am certainly not perfect, or even good at this, but I really try to not gripe about all the little things he doesn't do and play up all the things he DOES do. 

I learned this lesson the hard way, and speak from experience.  The Lord keeps me humble through our marriage and in being a mom, but I'm glad for that sanctifying work He does in my life.

It was such a pretty day yesterday!  This is where I like to sit for quiet time, and I opened these windows and could hear the wind and leaves rustling and squirrels playing, and it was glorious.  I'm still loving our new windows!  I am so thankful to have such nice windows now, and we love opening them during the day or at night when we go to bed.  We've never had windows so nice.

Anyone else ready to decorate for Christmas?  Just me?  Okay. 

I love all the cute Christmas things I keep seeing.  Instagram is something I have to be careful with, because I love seeing everyone's cute homes all dressed up for the holidays.  I don't want to covet anyone anything.

Well, those are a few of the things rolling around in my brain.  I'm working at the church for a little while this morning, and then I'm making a trip to Kroger (maybe) and coming home to clean and pack for our weekend away.  I'm so excited!  It's been ages since we've all been together for a concentrated amount of time. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 


  1. Question - How does your church get the task of decorating for Christmas accomplished? Is one person in charge or a committee? How does it work when everyone has their own ideas about decorations? Our church has done it several different ways but nothing seems to work well. Feelings get hurt. A select few get overworked. We tried inviting the whole church to help, but most people just sat around eating the refreshments. We tried having teams in charge of certain spaces/areas. That didn't work because one decor committee member decided to go around and redo what teams did. How can we solve this?

    1. That sounds tricky! In our church, this falls to our worship pastor,so he calls the shots and makes decisions. We only decorate one giant tree each year, and all the dozens of others are lights only. It remains pretty much the same from year to year, maybe with just a few updates. Our worship pastor enlists the choir, orechestra, and tech team to help, and he provides us with a homemade dinner first, then we get to work. We are in and out in about two hours. I hope that helps! It is good for a pastor to be in charge of this, though. Every team needs a boss.


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