Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post. 

It's been a week.  And a whirlwind of one, at that.  I'll back all the way up to last week, when my dad came over.  That day was kinda crazy, too, because we were in and out, it was raining, and I was busy making several things at once while Dad was here.  He kept me company in the kitchen while I worked.  I took him home, delivered dinner to my friend, then was back home afterward in pajamas and in my comfy chair watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

Some of my favorite people on earth live behind this door.  This was my friend that I took dinner to on Friday.  I saw them again on Monday, and got to cuddle a sweet baby boy.  #babiesdontkeep

This was me over the weekend.  I'll take all the Hallmark Christmas movies I can, please!

Saturday I stayed home all day, and did things around the house.  One of which included cleaning out a huge closet.

Sunday we had church activities all day, and after choir practice, I went to my mom's to eat and hang out with them to see my sister Debi.  She was leaving for home the next day, so I wanted to spend a little more time with her before she left. 

I worked for a little while on Monday, and I spent the day with Mom on Tuesday.  She showed up, and we realized we were twins!

Leopard is my new favorite print to wear.  And she is my favorite.  We always have so much fun when we're together and usually laugh ourselves silly over something.  We got our nails done on this day, and I switched my nail color from white to black.  It's my favorite. 

I've been working on this event on the days I go to the church to work, and have lost count over all the hours I've spent with my friend Gretchen doing this.  I feel like we're the new kind of friends, we've spent so much time together.  She saw me cry today, which is never something I plan, but I ran into someone I wasn't expecting to see, and I kinda lost it for a few minutes.  I cried with another friend, too.  One of the families we attend church with experienced a very tragic death in their family, and I ran into the family when I first walked in this morning.  It just took me by surprise, and I had to walk away to regain some composure.

There have been so many deaths this year, in the lives of people I know and love.  I cannot believe how many there have been, and this will be the second funeral at our church I've attended in about a three month time span.  Maybe less than even that.  I cannot get this one family off of my mind, either, and have had some restless nights this week praying for them.  Oddly enough, when we go through something like this in our church family, as terrible as it is, it's a beautiful sight to behold how the body comes together in love and in support of those who are grieving.  That is what the body of Christ is for, and it always touches my heart to see it in action.

On a much lighter note, some of the reading from the week in the new testament has been so good, and some of the verses are a couple of my favorites.

That second one reminded me of my pastor as I read it yesterday.  I've been playing catch up this week, and have been behind a day all week long.

Anyone who knows me knows this weather is my favorite.  It thrills my heart to actually have to wear sweaters and coats because I need one.  Except for the ten minutes at church this morning when I thought I was going to melt it was so hot in there.  That feeling went away. 

Well, thanks for reading, friends.  I hope your weekend is wonderful.  Love to all. 


  1. I love those verses - they're such great reminders in my life; especially the one about living in peace. It's something I often forget in the frenzy of everyday life. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Melissa! I love those reminders about living in peace, as well. This world we live in is a little chaotic and a lot overwhelming most days. Have a great week!


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