Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Favorites (Part 2)

I already wrote a Friday Favorites that posted early this morning, but I figured it's not the kind of post for everyone, so here's my part two.  ;)  (It was all about makeup, and I'll spare you, but go down further on my blog if you really want to read it.)

Here are some of my favorite moments from a pretty great week. 

I could just sit and weep over this sweet picture of all my boys from forever ago.  Time flies by so quickly, and these were the days that were pure magic.  I love being a boy mom, and I was always up for an adventure with them.  We had so many traditions we did every single year, and they all eventually outgrew a lot of them, so I treasure these precious memories.

This was my best friend Missy and me from last Saturday.  We made a day trip to Jackson, Tn, which is one hour away, and we did all sorts of fun things.  The reason for us doing this is to go the Christmas concert at Englewood Baptist Church, where our favorite worship leader leads worship.  It never disappoints!  This was our second year of going.  We also shopped and then drove around to see these beautiful lights at a baseball stadium.  It was a perfect day.

This is Travis Cottrell.  Our own Travis at our church is every bit as talented as this man pictured above, I will tell you, and I'm also grateful for him and how he leads us in worship week after week.

Our sanctuary at Christmas is my favorite. 

My dad and I got our picture taken after our night of praise and worship on Sunday night.  It was my favorite one to date, and the lighting and every little part was all spectacular.  My mom and stepdad and stepmom were all there as well, but this was the only picture I got.

I made a little money a couple of weeks ago by singing somewhere, and I treated myself on Tuesday with a new Christmas mug.  Coffee mugs are my favorite, and I adore this one.

Dogs are our favorite, in this house, and two of them got new beds on Wednesday.  They're tartan plaid, which is my favorite print, and they love them.  Callie, our German Shepherd, has her own separate big girl bed.

This adorable tree that my stepdad made for me is my newest favorite addition to all my Christmas decorations in the house.  Because the outside of our house is being worked on, we're not doing lights or anything else out there this year.  I love the warm glow this gives the kitchen!  It adds a touch of magic.  I love twinkle lights, and would probably have them all over my house if it were up to me.

Other fun things I don't have pictures of are the day my mom-in-love and I spent together shopping.  And then my mom and I did the same thing on Wednesday.  I'm so blessed to have them both in my life!  And then yesterday for lunch I went to a ladies luncheon with the staff ladies from church, and we exchanged Secret Santa gifts.  Mine is currently being used by my cat on my chair, but I received a sherpa throw blanket, which are my favorite kind, a really pretty Pioneer Woman coffee mug, and some bath bombs. 

Like I said, it's been a wonderful week.  I'm sitting here and waiting on my dad to round off the day, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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