Monday, December 16, 2019

the weekend, and the downhill slope of these days before Christmas

This is what my Monday is going to consist of until this afternoon.  Add the book I just started reading, and it'll be the perfect rainy day.

It was a really great weekend.  I always love December leading up to my birthday, which is the 14th.  After that date, the rest of the month becomes a blur.  I know this from experience, and this is always when a little bit of dread enters in for me.  I love this time of year so much, but I always want time to just hover in these days leading up to the 25th.  I'm always a little sad on the day of Christmas.

As much as I love this time of year, this year we are struggling with the shopping part.  I have a few gifts I'm really excited about giving, but even my own sons have become hard to buy for the older they get.  We need to finish all of this up by Friday night, so guess what we'll be doing all week?

This weekend got started on Friday, when my dad was here.  My mom and sister Lisa stopped by to drop something off, and when I saw Lisa, I died laughing. 

I took my dad home, then I came home and changed, and met her, my sister Trish, Mom, and Bill for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  It was great until they brought a sombrero out for me to put on while they sang, and then they took an entire dessert plate full of whipped cream and smeared it all over my face.

I look amused, but I wasn't very.  I did deserve this, I have to say, because I accidentally ruined the surprise for my sister when she came into town to surprise my nephew Tyler, who shares my birthday.  It was a total accident, but I felt terrible. 

Also, who the heck does this to patrons who come in to dine at their restaurant?!  After this, I feel like my meal should have been free. 

On Saturday, I enjoyed being lazy most of the day.  I watched Hallmark movies until people woke up, I caught up on laundry and cleaning in my bedroom and bathroom, I took a nap, and then Todd took me out for dinner.

He bought me this new necklace, which I love, then we ate dinner at Longhorn.  We ended the night by watching my favorite movie of all time.

I'm going to miss the Christmas tree being here when the holidays are over.

I was at church bright and early Sunday morning, then I came home for the rest of the day until church that night.  We had a great service!

The Ram Corps from University of Mobile was here to perform for us, and I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. 

Sometime today I'll also be watching this.

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies ever, and I found it for under $4 on Amazon Friday, so I bought it, and it came yesterday. 

What's your favorite Christmas movie?  I've mentioned two of mine already.  I also love The Holiday, New Years Eve (Google it), Elf,  and Home Alone.

Well, I'm going to go read now, so I hope you have a great day.  Love to all! 

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