Tuesday, December 10, 2019

simply Tuesday

It's my favorite kind of day, and that is a day when I get to spend good, quality time with someone I love.  Weeks ago, my mom-in-love and I planned to Christmas shop together on this day.  It's yucky outside with a weird mixture of rain/snow/sleet, but it's not sticking to the ground and it'll be above freezing all day today, so we're safe. 

I have a list of places I'd like to go, and I'm sure she does, as well, and I'm excited.  I love to shop for Christmas, and I also love to go out and just "window shop".  I don't usually buy things unless it's a need, but it sure is fun to look. 

I was up before the sun this morning and enjoyed some good time with Jesus and the quiet of my house.  I love this time of year, in case you didn't know that, and I love plugging in and turning on all the Christmas lights around downstairs.  My newest addition to downstairs is this tree my wonderfully talented stepdad made for me last year.

It belongs outside, but because the outside of our house is a wreck, I hate to draw extra attention to it.  So, I brought it into the kitchen yesterday, and I think it looks adorable.  It adds an extra bit of magic to this little nook that the kitchen table sits in.

Speaking of yesterday, last night I made dinner for my stepdad Bill and my mom.  It was to celebrate Bill's birthday that was last Friday, and it was a fun night.  My sister Trish got to come later on, too, which was an unexpected treat.  After they left, I went to sit down and noticed the rug was wet in one corner.  Apparently yesterday while the people were here working on the outside of our house and the dogs couldn't go out too often, Crash had an accident on the rug.  He didn't get in trouble for this, because this never happens, but I really felt bad for him.  He thought he was in trouble and he was so sad looking.  We rolled up the rug and tossed it (to throw away), because we only paid about $25 for it two years ago.  It came from a friend of mine, but I was glad we didn't pay a lot for it, because it didn't hurt to make the decision to throw it away.  This is why we don't buy things that are too nice, because of the dogs.  I know that may sound preposterous to some, but we love them and don't mind them sometimes having accidents.  (Though they usually do get in trouble for that kind of thing, yesterday could not be helped, plus he is getting older.)

So this was us hanging out while the floors dried last night after we mopped.

 Graham mopped for me because my back has been bothering me since Sunday, and we were just talking and laughing while he laid on that couch.  I love moments like that, that are completely random and unplanned.  I'm not mad about the rug, I was actually tired of the print that was on it, and it was never able to be centered and was a little too big for the space.  Eventually, I'll find another clearance rug somewhere, and I'll buy it, but I am in no hurry for that.  The rug we had before this one we tossed last night was from Target's clearance section, and I paid about $10 for it.  I don't plan to spend a lot on one, whenever I find one I like.

Well, I need to run and make lunches for my hubby and oldest son before they leave for work and start on laundry so I can leave soon to go meet my mom-in-love.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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