Monday, March 30, 2020

how we're staying sane during quarantine

I know everyone is in the same boat, and that the novelty of being quarantined has started to wear off.  If I'm being honest on here, and I always try to be honest, I will confess that everyone's fuse seems to be a little shorter than normal.  At one point last night, my husband was so bored that I think delirium set in for a few minutes.  We had a good laugh about it, and I'm glad the emotions came out as laughter, because sometimes it could be through tears that we express all these feelings.

My fuse is shorter than normal, too, and I really have to stay in the word of God and pray my way through these times.  I discovered a couple of days ago that though I'd been having quiet time each morning, by the time I would be ready to start praying, that everyone would start coming downstairs.  These days remind me of when the boys were little.  I had to push to get up earlier than them, and I am going to have to start doing that again.  Prayer is vital to my emotional well being.

Those are two ways I'm staying sane: being grounded in God's word and through prayer.

Another thing I've been doing is trying to get out of the house every few days.  I still have to shop at the grocery store, and the other day I delivered some things to my dad, because they were out of a couple of things, and I was talking to Sandy right as I was pulling up to Kroger.  I am glad I had that opportunity to do that, it was good to be outside, and it was really good to see them.

I delivered birthday cards to Dad yesterday, so because I'll be out today, I will probably stay in again until Tuesday or Wednesday.  I've basically been getting out once in the week, and once on weekends.  Prayerfully, all this will be over soon.

Praying about my attitude has done wonders for me.  Having a husband who has made the boys all chip in with chores has helped tremendously. 

I'm still reading a lot, my favorite series of books, and I'm trying to stay busy.  I pray this encourages you in some way...I'd love to hear what you're doing to stay sane.  This week, we have some projects we're hoping to complete.  That will help a lot, and it'll be exciting to see them all done.  I'll post about it another day.

Thanks for reading!  I'd have written about the weekend, but we've not done anything noteworthy.  Until tomorrow.  Love to all!


  1. One change I'm making this week for my sanity is to write down at the end of the day what we did. Last week everything seemed to just blur together. I think it will help this week to be able to look back and see what we accomplished, even if its just chores, books, movies, and school work. ALso, my daily walks really help clear my head. Take care!

  2. That's a good idea! I have been trying to keep that up as my "to do" list each day in my quiet time journal. It definitely helps because of it all being a blur. You take care, too!

  3. Have you considered writing a living history type journal? I am doing it with my students. The idea is that these will become primary source documents for future generations. Think about it, we learned so much from Anne Frank's diary.

  4. I haven't, but that's a great idea! Thanks for that.


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