Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday, March 97th and a few odds and ends

I saw that in a meme a couple of days ago, and it made me laugh.  "In case you're wondering, today is March 97th.", or something along that line.  It feels true, doesn't it?  If I think too far ahead, I could easily get overwhelmed, as we all recently learned that the "shelter in place" has been stretched to April 30, a whole month away.  So I don't look far ahead, I take things slow, and by just one day at a time.  That's my quarantine advice for the day. 

I was looking at a couple of my sons last night, and they are really starting to need haircuts!  I have to laugh, as I wonder what we'll all look like, because my own hair is in need of highlights. 

I soaked the dip powder off of my nails Friday night and cut them all back to short again, which is how I prefer them, and painted them.  And then last night, I cut them a little shorter, and gave myself a pedicure and manicure. 

I found a show to watch on Hulu every morning!  I've not watched the news at all for the past week, because I cannot bring myself to turn it on.  I found Counting On, which is a continuation of 19 Kids and Counting, and a lot of the siblings are now grown or married and with kids of their own.  I loved that show from years ago, and I don't know if you remember, but it ended very abruptly when it came out that one of the sons, Joshua, had inappropriately touched girls when he was younger.  And then a few weeks after that leaked, it also leaked that his names was one of the names found on that dating website that encouraged people to be unfaithful to their spouses.  Remember that whole scandal?  Some of that is talked about on this show, Counting On.

My dad turned eighty nine on Sunday!  That picture of him and me was the day after I got married.  All of our parents came to eat breakfast with us before we left on our honeymoon.  And this is him just a couple of days ago, on his birthday.  Because of the quarantine thing, we wanted to respect that and not get too close to him, so though we didn't hug him, we sure did spread the love by spending a few hours outside of their house on Sunday afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day, and we all sat far apart and had cake and caught up.  It was such a sweet afternoon.  It was just my sister Trish and myself that went, as I didn't want to overwhelm him with too many people.  It was so good to see him and to be able to give him his birthday cards.

Here's the new Scripture writing plan for April!  It's hard to believe tomorrow is April 1.  My Drew turns 20 on Friday, and he's a little bummed to be spending the day and evening alone. 

Well, thanks for reading, friends.  Love to all! 

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