Wednesday, March 18, 2020

women in the word Wednesday

I thought I'd share a few verses out of the book of Psalm that I love and think will bring comfort to you.  And I don't know about you, but when I'm in distress, I like to camp out in the book of Psalm.  Just yesterday afternoon as I waited for dinner to finish cooking, I found a new unused notebook, and I wrote out Psalm 62.  (I'm memorizing a few verses out of that chapter.)

(Thanks to Google images for all these photos.)

Remember how I mentioned this particular verse yesterday, and the last seven chapters of Psalm being like "Psalm Prescriptions"?

The Lord is near to us.  All we have to do is call on Him.  I don't know about you, but sometimes when I pray, I don't always have the words to say.  It depends on how overwhelmed I am at that time.  But all I have to do is say His name, and He knows what is on my heart.  Prayer is the most under used thing we do, as a whole for all of us.  How many times do we talk about things to our friends or spouses, but we don't take them to God in prayer?  I am guilty of that, too.  He reminds me of this often.  I love this reminder for all times, not just for when times difficult.

I cannot read this verse without singing the song from Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in my head.  (Google it, I'm having issues not being able to embed it from YouTube.)  I love the 34th Psalm!  I've always loved it, but when we seek Him, He answers us and delivers us from fears.  I love all of that Psalm, and it may do you good to read it in its entirety for yourself.  And again with the writing it out...I know not everyone likes to write like me, but it's proven that when we write things out, we remember it better.  I want these beautiful truths to stay planted in my mind.

Some days, I listen to this song over and over.

Psalm 91 is another great chapter to read, and it's one of my favorites.  I memorized some of the verses from this chapter years ago when the Lord had me read this after Noah was involved in a minor accident.  God really did protect Noah and covered him with His feathers.  (Read the Psalm.)

A friend mentioned Psalm 37 to me yesterday, and these are the verses that jumped out to me.

I was so encouraged by my friends yesterday.  I thank the Lord for the ones He has given me, and yesterday I was involved in several texting threads, and we were all passing along encouragement back and forth.  It was the sweetest thing, and I felt very thankful for all of them in those moments.  I do not take them or our relationships lightly.

Today starts a new thing for all of us, and it's that my hubby made the call to stay at home everyday until they get a call for work.  They repair medical equipment, and they're slow right now, so it's a little wasteful to make the drive to their office if they don't have a lot going on.  So, he will be here, and Graham will be here, and they'll be working from home for who knows how long.

Prayerfully, the Lord helps us all get along and to extend grace to one another.

On my agenda for today is going to get my teeth cleaned (it's been way too long) and then (maybe) attempting a trip to the grocery store.  I'm officially out of meat, though we do have things to tide us over if my trip is unsuccessful.

I need to pray for dinner inspiration, with all of us at home.  I'm not even kidding.  I always get into dinner ruts.  Feel free to share some suggestions!  I'm looking for good and easy.

On another note, I just found out that a huge church in my area will be livestreaming their women's Bible study tonight, so I am making plans to participate in that when it starts at six or six thirty.  I thought I'd share that with you, in case a church in your area does that same thing.  This church is Bellevue that I'm talking about, a mega church in Memphis.  Their women are studying the book of John together, and the pastor's wife Donna Gaines and a Bible study author and teacher Jean Stockdale take turns teaching.  They're both phenomenal!  I also found out yesterday that you can access sermons from Jim Cymbala on the Brooklyn Tabernacle website.  And you can do that on my own church's website.  Click here and scroll down.

Thanks for reading!  I pray these verses encourage you.  Love to all.

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