Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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Last week when I mentioned that two of my sons were having wisdom teeth removed this week, I didn't think that it would occupy me to the point of not writing on my blog. This post is a catch up of sorts and for the sake of my own memories. 

Jonah was first with the wisdom teeth, and oh the videos! They did not disappoint after they got him into the vehicle. I have to stop there and tell you how grateful I am for my husband. He is always a great guy, but this week, he was a lifesaver. He stayed home all of Monday and all of Tuesday. We tag teamed that afternoon and night while he had to have ice packs every half hour or so. We laughed at the end of the night and we acknowledged that we were exhausted. I'm laughing as I wite that.

On Monday while I was waiting on them to get back home, I worked on Bible study homework. Let me tell you, the timing of the Lord is perfect. I knew the Scripture I studied that morning and I needed it right then. The Lord knew that and is sovereign over time.

I've been having a bit of a moment with people being rude lately, both online and in person. I've witnessed several moments of this just this week alone, and I think this reminder above is a good one for all of us. Let's all stop being mean about people and masks—either wear yours and be quiet about it or don't wear yours and be quiet about it and let's remember we are not in control of everyone on this planet, praise God for that. Let's all live out our own convictions whatever they may be and leave everyone else alone! My nerves cannot handle confrontation and meanness. As a believer and follower of Jesus, my job is to love and to be kind...compassionate, humble and patient. I've had some setbacks this week and at one point I said something online and then was attacked and called every name in the book but a godly woman. I deleted my comment and moved on with life...I try to live that way all the time, but I had one slip and BAM. All kinds of thoughts and feelings arose and I found myself being sucked in to what people were saying. It happens to all of us, I know that, but it was good to witness that kind of attack. It reminds me of the enemy who is very real, just waiting to do the same. This reminder above is for me as well, though I was never mean or rude; I have to remember this "be kind even when I don't feel like being kind" thing.

Just days before that happened, I posted this picture of my dining room that I've been working on here and there lately. I love to "shop my house" and move things from one place to another, and this room has been my currrent focus. I think I finally have it the way I like it for now, but on Instagram this week here is what I said about it: This has been the year of being forced to do things, both negative and positive. I'll leave the negative things alone, because everyone is focusing on that right now. I'll look at all the good things from this year: this was the year we did all the projects in our home, it was the year of organizing and purging and repurposing things, it was the year the boys showed to us they're capable of things we didn't know they could do—deck building and demolition. It's been the year of being at home a lot and spending quality time together and it's been a year of taking back our health, both for me and for Drew. It's been the year of buying all the things from Lowe's and enjoying our labor and it's the year that even though we had to look a little harder for the good things, good was there to be found. It's been a year that more than I've witnessed in a long time, that the Lord has shown up and shown out for me as my strength, my Deliverer, my Helper, my Lord.

He is right there for all of us who know Him and love Him, and He can be there for you as well. Do you know Him? I'm easy to find if you'd like to talk—just reach out!

On a lighter note, about this picture of my dining room, would you believe this is the most well‒loved and used table in my home? The boys all eat lunch at this table every single day. I kid you not. I, on the other hand, do not ever sit in there and prefer the kitchen table for the light and the blue tooth speaker.

Friday was Drew's turn at the oral surgeon and his experience was so different. The biggest pain about his was that his sockets wouldn't stop bleeding—once that happened, he was in very little pain. He's taken less medicine and has kept completely to himself since these pictures on Friday. Also, everyone should get them a husband like mine. I moved him to superstar status in our home and never would have survived this without him. He had to change the gauze for both sons because neither had feeling back yet and needed help. That's not my forte. I love that Crash was there beside  Drew while he slept on the couch.

I got these new dog beds for the pups a couple of weekends ago and took this picture of Callie because she NEVER lays on one like this. She always prefers her kennel and she looks hilarious sitting on this. I wish she'd do this more, I love her being in here with us all the time.

I'm still trying to eat healthy. I say "trying" because I've hit a wall I feel like and am out of options of ideas that sound good to me. I'm still avoiding bread as much as possible, but this was whole grain wheat bread, which is better than just white. If you have suggestions, I'd love some. I drink a protein drink for breakfast every morning, then I usually have something similar to this for lunch, though yesterday I had a sweet potato. For dinner I mostly do meat and veggies, and if we have hamburgers, I just eat mine on lettuce with tomato and pickles and a fork and knife. I snack on Skinny Pop and if I'm craving a sweet something I eat either a healthier option of an ice cream treat or I'll eat a pudding cup. I eat all the fruits and veggies I want, though and I'm still trying to eat smaller meals and more often. Other things I'm eating are tortilla chips, a piece or two of sliced cheese (I buy the big blocks of cheese at the grocery store) and almonds or, on rare occasions, a spoon of peanut butter if I'm really hungry. Last week I made some cucumbers with red wine vinegar and a little of olive oil. It was so good! I love pickles and that's what it reminded me of.

Look how cute this picture is I found last week of my sisters and me. I'm the little one on Lisa's lap, then it's Trish and Debi.

Other things not related to dental work: I will miss all the fresh fruits and veggies that the summer months bring.

I am so glad we are already a homeschooling family—I don't say that in jest. I am witnessing all kinds of fear and turmoil on social media for all the friends I know and love who work full time (both parents) and are wondering how "hybrid school" will work. (Two days on campus learning, three days of learning remotely.) I am praying for my friends who are figuring things out and I cannot imagine what they must be feeling trying to navigate this crazy time.

I'm so glad for my Mom. She has been a lifesaver to me twice recently and I always appreciate her listening ear and advice.

Church has been so good lately and I'm so glad we're back in person. These times are strange and I need my church family right now more than ever. Choir practice for us starts back this coming Sunday and I can't wait! I may cry. We're all really close and I've missed them all!

I miss movies...anyone else? I don't go often, but I miss going and eating popcorn and laughing and sitting there with my best friend until they come and turn the lights on to clean up.

Todd brought Chip a new stuffed toy home, and he's the cutest thing ever. This dog loves a squeaky toy and he licks it, carries it around and sleeps with it beside him.

I read this book last week.

It was so good! Too good, actually, because now I'm mad that I'm done with it. If you've never read her books, what are you waiting on? I still need all the good fiction books I can read because the world has officially lost its collective mind.

Speaking of books, I'm starting on a new writing project next week! Our first Bible study as a writing team is in the process of being worked on with the final graphics and such, then it will be printed. I can't wait to hold it and smell it and run my hands over it. We've prayed and decided what to write on for the spring semester of 2021, but I can't say which book it is yet. I can't wait, though! I hope to start reading and studying this week and look forward to getting started next week. The good news is that it'll be our second Bible study as a writing team and it will get a little easier each time. Our Fall 2020 Bible study is open for registration, which is so exciting to me. I have missed being in Bible study with people. I've done it on my own, but it's not the same.

I think I've gotten all caught up. I will try to get back in the habit of blogging again this week in a regular way. If you read this and are on Instagram, look me up and let's be friends that way too! I am JenLloydGoodwin on there. I'll have to approve the request, and will send you one back. Thanks for reading! Love to all.


  1. I'm glad your sons are finished with the wisdom teeth recovery...whew, not for the weak! I'm sorry you've had to deal with some negative comments. Sadly, I just try not to comment on anything controversial anymore for fear of people being judgemental. I miss the movies too.

  2. Thanks, Tanya~ I was sorry to hear of your father in law passing away. I know better than to ever comment on things like that, I had a slip of my common sense. I'm almost to the point of deleting social media from my phone again...I have to do that every so often.

    Take care, friend.


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