Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this blog post. 

I'm starting all the way back at last weekend. I went to Mom's and Bill's for dinner that night and we were talking about fall smells and candles and pecan pie got mentioned. Then we had the bright idea to make one, so Mom and I ran to the store near their house for flour and she made the filling while I made the crust. This was so good! Pecan pie is one of my very favorite pies of all time. It screams fall to me.

This may be my newest favorite outfit for the next who knows how long. I'll have to trade out those cute wedges for some flats eventually, but I wore this to church on Sunday and received so many compliments on it—they affirmed me in my choice of clothing for that day and that helped me lay aside any insecurities I had when I walked in the church building that morning. Dresses usually aren't my thing. 

Bonfires are our favorites. I came home early Monday night from Bible study so that I could spend some quality time with my husband. He'd been gone all weekend long for work with the sheriff's department and we hadn't really seen each other since Thursday. Fall weather is also my favorite.

Speaking of my husband and working, one thing he did all weekend was help search for a missing elderly man. The man was in great shape and they found him alive, he'd fallen into a ravine and just couldn't climb back out. But y'all. They found him by tracking him through Google. That is both VERY creepy and also reassuring, in case we ever get kidnapped and end up missing. I had a picture I was going to post, but I don't know if there is sensitive information on it, so I'll just explain that they had a map from his Google whereabouts and they did an overlay of a map on top of his Google information and found him very shortly after. 

Isn't that incredible? AND SO CREEPY???

Todd showed me how you can even go back in time to weeks ago and see where someone was on a certain day and showed me by changing his date to a day back in August. 😨

A friend of mine has some pewter pieces she was getting rid of and gave them to me to try to help her sell them or keep them. I love this tray/serving piece! I moved some things around in order to put it there, but did you know that you can heat this up and then put food on it to keep its temperature? I had no idea. You can even cook or bake in certain pieces. You can do the same with this with chilling things. This may end up being one of my new most favorite things.

My nephew Cole took this picture of my oldest son Graham with his beloved truck in Daytona Beach. This is my favorite picture! I told Graham he needs to print this one and have it matted and framed so that he will always have it to remember his truck. Isn't this a great picture?

I was up so early Thursday morning, so much so that I had showered by seven fifteen. That's highly unusual for me, I usually take my showers at night. My hair was very cooperative on that day, so I took this picture to show that and how happy I was to have an entire day to spend at home. 

Surprise sister visits are always my favorite. Lisa flew in very unexpectedly this week and showed up at my house Tuesday night. I turned over dinner to my guys to finish up and I went out to eat with her, her son Tyler, Trish, Mom and Bill. I'm glad my husband rolled with the changes! 

We're spending Saturday together, us girls. I'm excited and always have fun when we're together.

So, the hubs and I finished watching Cobra Kai on Netflix the other night and thanks to that great and amazing show, I'm now on an 80's love songs kick with my Spotify. This was me living my best life on Thursday afternoon as I made dinner and did things in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. Y'all. Eighties love songs are my new favorite thing to listen to right now. You should go and try the same thing on your music outlet of choice.

I shared this last week, but it bears repeating. This is so true! As I already said, fall is my favorite and I've been living the good life all week long in celebration. 

How was your week? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading along! Love to all. 


  1. I knew that about Google/phone tracking and while I do always find it creepy (watching the new Netflix documentary about social media--it's not just about social media!) I'm starting to realize there is really no way to get away from it all. I am so relieved to hear they found him alive and well though. A few years ago I woke to a picture of a family friend on Facebook and a missing person's search-- she too was in her 80's and while she was found later that day she wasn't found alive.

  2. I think deep down, I knew it as well, but when I saw a picture of his wherabouts, it became a little more real to me. That's so sad...these types situations usually turn out the same way as your family friend.

  3. My aunt had a chocolate pecan pie waiting for us in Dallas this yummy! Have a wonderful week!


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