Wednesday, September 2, 2020



Happy Wednesday, friends! Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year—September 1st! I love all the months that end in -ber and I feel like September is my reward for surviving a cruelly hot summer. It's not the heat that I don't like so much, it's the humidity. I can just sit still and wheeze when the humidity is high like it's been the last few days. 

Anyway, that being said, I pulled out all the fall decor from the attic on Tuesday and cleaned and decorated the house. It was glorious.

I never do the same thing from one year to the next, so I had to go back into the attic and look for one other thing that I forgot to bring down earlier in the morning, but after I did that, I called it a day

I watched a movie Sunday night that I've never seen before and texted this picture to Missy. We like Dermott Mulroney, this actor pictured above. He's been in The Wedding Date, My Best Friend's Wedding, and this movie was called Griffin and Phoenix. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't horrible.

On Monday I ran some errands and ended with a grocery store trip. This bowl of fruit was what I ended up eating for lunch. It was so good! I didn't do much else for the rest of the day, then ended at the high school Bible study I've been going to the last few weeks and led a small group to fill in for one of the adults who wasn't able to come. It was sweet and a blessing to me to get to know a few of them a little better. 

I decorated for fall and cleaned my house all of Tuesday, in between loads of laundry. Graham and Jonah left at midnight for Daytona Beach and the truck meet they've been looking forward to since last year.  

I'll be glad to hear when they get there. I don't know if I slept at all last night. 

I never share pictures from this angle in our bedroom, mainly because the dresser is a catch-all for my husband's work stuff. I have a hard time cleaning the surface of the dresser, because I never know if he has things in certain spots, and I'm always hesitant to move the receipts around. When I ran errands on Monday, I found this cute basket to hold it all. It's perfect for the spot and sort of an oblong shape with a flat bottom. We worked on it together when I got home Monday night and I love how it looks now. (How sweet is it that Noah brought him home that Oscar award trophy from L.A. last year? It says, "World's Best Dad".

I was getting near the end of my current journal, so I started a new composition book yesterday to use as my journal this go 'round. I say that, because I go through journals really quickly—pretty much one each season or even faster. I use them for Scripture writing, like this plan pictured above, for my lists, as my prayer notebook and for sermon notes. I haven't been able to find a journal that I like, so I went with the composition notebook. I don't know how long I'll use it, if it'll get on my nerves because it's bigger than the size of what I normally use. 

Today is my sister Trish's birthday! I look forward to seeing her this afternoon and traveling with her to Denver in October to see our other sisters, Debi and Lisa. 

Today is the day we've been anxiously awaiting—it's the day our Hosea Bible study starts! I can't wait to get to know some ladies I wouldn't normally have the chance to get to know, and I am excited to be back in Bible study. We're doing things different this semester, as this year has been the year for different, and are meeting in the larger meeting area in our church building. We'll all be staying in the same room and having "table talk" sessions when we would normally break into different rooms. It'll be different, but I'm just so grateful to be starting back! I know so many churches that are not, so I am not taking one moment for granted.

Well, speaking of, I need to run. Thanks for reading! Love to all. 



  1. It was fun meeting! I'm so glad you came to the Bible study!

  2. How did you Hosea study go? Praying it will be a great season of study and learning together!! I sure miss Bible study around here....

  3. I think it went well~ we have over one hundred women signed up for the study, either in person or via Zoom or video through an email. I'm looking forward to continuing...I know you miss it, I did as well. I said that on Wednesday so many was so good seeing people in person.


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