Thursday, September 17, 2020

Life Lately

Apparently I am in a busy season of life right now and have been neglecting this blog. This is what happens when we have months of nothing to do and nowhere to go and then having things start to open up again. I am not complaining about this, I promise you, because I am so thankful that for us here in Tennessee at least, things are somewhat normal. I just need to manage my time better, but hopefully this will change in a few weeks. 

I thought I'd play a little catch up and share some thoughts of life lately.

I had this yummy bowl of food for dinner last night. Somehow I ended up at home, alone on a Tuesday night. I wasn't mad about this, most of you know I recharge by being alone. I had a clean(ish) house, clean floors, a fall candle burning and Gilmore Girls on my tv. I decided to dice up a sweet potato and tossed it with olive oil, salt and pepper. I baked it for thirty minutes, then added part of a diced up turkey sausage. It was delicious and I ate the entire thing by myself.

This stopped me in my tracks last week. I loved, loved, loved The Karate Kid when I was young. Todd and I have been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix (don't kill me for still having Netflix) and Daniel is the age now that Mr. Miyagi was in the first movie! 

Bible study started has started back for three weeks now. I am so glad we're able to do this! But it's so weird. People wear masks, we have to social distance and be respectful of how others feel and it's just a strange time. This is the study that I helped to write; it's so neat to gather together and discuss this with women. It's really good and though I've read it all and taken part of it on my own, I am still getting so much out of it. Hosea is very relevant for today and where we are in our country and in this world. The week of homework we just completed reminded me of this over and over. 

Part of what makes me love my Wednesdays at Bible study is the fact that my mom is in my group and we go eat afterward. One week we got our nails done and last week we got pedicures. I could get used to this Wednesday life. 

I go back to Bible study on Wednesday nights to lead another group of ladies. It works like this: in the mornings we start at 9:30 and talk about the homework for about an hour. We have a small break, then a short time of worship and then one of three ladies teaches for about 45 minutes. In the p.m. time, we start promptly at 6:30 and hear a short ten minute devotion, then have small group for the remaining fifty minutes. The teaching video gets emailed out each Thursday and posted to our women's group page so that other women can hear the teaching and do the study alongside us. Another option is that we have a Zoom meeting for ladies who prefer to participate in that way. We sit at tables and start that way, and then we either move the tables or our chairs so that we can accomodate each other for our small group time.

It's a lot and things could change at the drop of a hat, but for now this is how it is. I'm just so thankful that I have ladies in my groups that contribute to the conversation, because I am not a teacher. I can lead a discussion and fascilitate conversations, but teaching is not my spiritual gift.

I've been struggling with reading books lately. I read a lot, normally, but the book I'm reading now is the last in a series and it's not my favorite. It's good, it's just not my favorite. I really want to finish it, though, so I can move on. I don't feel like I can move on with other books until I am done with this one.

I've been following a lady on Instagram (imagine that) whose account is Clean Mama and her cleaning method is so good. I implement a lot of what she does already and have for years, but she breaks the cleaning up in day segments. For instance on Mondays, she cleans bathrooms; Tuesdays are for dusting; Wednesdays are for vacuuming and mopping and so forth. I don't know why this works, but it works and I've been more on top of things at my house lately. Things I do everyday are laundry, vacuuming, using a feather duster (hello, dog hair), wiping down bathroom and kitchen counters and straightening up. If I do those things everyday, I'm never overwhelmed with housework. Now, don't go looking at my windows and dustboards. I'm not great at those. Or fans...I always forget to dust them.

Apparently, I need motivation for this kind of thing.

I am helping write our next Bible study for the ladies at our church and we need to be mostly done with it by the end of this month. I'm almost done with my part, but I am setting aside some days next week to finish. I don't love things looming over my head and I lose sleep over it, so I need to finish it for my own sanity. 

I also have been trying to keep my days somewhat free, except for this week. I like to do all of my Bible study homework on one day so that I can figure out a song for us to sing for the Wednesday a.m. worship. Even though I do this, it doesn't always work and when Sunday gets here, I am still usualy at a blank. I did find out yesterday from a friend who does the lyrics and screens for us each week that as long as I get the song to her by Monday, she is all good. That is good to know. I try to really set aside some time each day to pray over the ladies in my small groups on Wednesdays and on my daily list of thngs to do, I have that on there. I try to just text them once a week, usually on Mondays. 

I live by lists, in case you didn't know that. Speaking of...I need to move on and finish this so that I can jump into my day. I'm leaving home in about an hour for a writing team meeting and lunch out with my friends. I have a lot to do before then. I hope to see you back here tomorrow, but no promises. (I'm rolling my eyes at myself.) 

Thanks for reading, love to all! 


  1. What a fun post. I love these "welcome to my world lately" type of posts (although I never write them)!?! Go figure. Your Wednesdays definitely sound like a highlight of the week. How nice to look forward to that extra time with your mom...and hooray for afternoon pedicures! I went for one on Monday afternoon - and the place was empty (I thought it was closed!) It had its perks though - they lavished my feet for over an hour and a half!! Have mercy!!

    Dinner for one looks yummy!! I recharge with time to myself as well. I usually send my hubbie to the gym (because no one recharges by working out!?!?)

    Have a great weekend ahead!!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I love these type posts, should write one! That sounds wonderful...I could have sat there for hours. Thanks, I hope you have a great one, too!

  3. That food looks delicious! I've enjoyed the worship time on Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for that,Marilyn! I appreciate the encouragement. ❤️


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