Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Favorites 2.12.21

 Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for this Friday linkup. 

How was your week? Mine has been good, there hasn't been anything to make it particularly eventful, but that is never a bad thing. Here are a few of my top favorite moments from the week.

I was sitting at the kitchen table Saturday morning at eight thirty, getting ready to leave for our church for a special choir rehearsal and I took this to check the back of my hair. My hair is never my favorite and because of it being curly, there's not much to do with it other than grow it out or cut it in a bob, so I've been letting it grow. I actually like my hair right now, for the first time in AGES and people always say something to me about it, which makes me think it's flattering for me at this length. My friend Ginger who does my hair is my favorite and she does a killer job on my hair when I go every three to four months for a trim and new highlights and she's the first person I've ever gone to who doesn't discriminate against me because of how much hair I have. Every time I go, she colors it, then puts a toner all over and I sit under a steaming lamp thing while all my makeup melts off, then I sit with my head in the washing bowl as she lets a deep conditioning treatment sit on there for about ten minutes. It's a half day process when I go, but she has my hair healthier than it's ever been.

 And then all the young children said this and all the social media influencers lost their minds. It has made me laugh all week, because who DOESN'T part their hair on the side? A middle part is not flattering for anyone, trust me. I took a picture and tried it and no thank you. Also, I will keep wearing my favorite skinny jeans and I'll keep on using the 🤣 all I want. I don't care who thinks I'm old and who doesn't. Emoticons are my favorite.

I made myself a brownie sundae at my mom's Sunday night and it was my favorite dessert of the week. It had a brownie, ice cream, a banana and chocolate syrup. 

For almost one full year, we have been without a worship pastor at my church. We finally found one and he came to "try out" over the weekend and we got to meet him and his wife on Saturday at a special rehearsal. This was us rehearsing Sunday morning and the worship was so good! It was very refreshing having someone there who is operating within his calling in life and he accepted the position and will be with us permanently before too long. They have to make a big move, so I've been praying for them all week as they told the pastors and staff at the church they're coming from, but I am so excited for them to join us. Choir rehearsing is one of my favorite things.

I've been sitting right here and reading all week long. This book is endearing...dragging a bit, but endearing all the same. I'll try to finish it in the next night or two so I can move on. Reading is my favorite and so is going to pick out new books from my happy place, which I'm thinking of doing tomorrow.

I have had lots of time at home still, so I used one of the afternoons this week to start writing my portion for our next women's Bible study at church. I can't say the name of the book we're writing on yet, but this is one of my favorite processes—to be honest, I always dread starting, but once I start it all starts to click and fall into place. That is just the Holy Spirit, I know, leading me and giving me words to say and things to write.

This was my favorite dinner of the week so far—shrimp fried rice, using a recipe from Mix and Match Mama (Shay Shull). 

My favorite boy is visiting an orthopedic surgeon today. Poor Crash has possibly torn his ACL and has been hobbling around all week, hardly able to walk. I've had to pick him up and put him on the couch and he has to be carried upstairs each night and Graham puts him into his bed. I've cried over this and prayed over him all week. Poor Crashy.

Winter is my current favorite season and so is staying home and staying cozy on the cold and dreary days. This was Thursday and there is more on the way. I'd love some snow instead of ice, but we'll see if that happens.  

My dad is coming over for lunch today and this weekend will most likely look the same as my week has been—low key and staying close to home. My husband may work some over the course of the weekend, but that'll be about it. What are your plans this weekend? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, love to all. 


  1. Love your hair! I enjoyed that book, although her books can be a little slow. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you, Tanya! Good to know, I probably won't read another one. Happy Valentine's day! ❤️💗

  2. Your hair is so pretty! I have a daughter with naturally curly hair so I am drawn to noticing that and learning more about curly hair. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Marilyn! I am sure you notice it all the time because of her. My sons all have curly hair too...I love it when they embrace them rather than trying to fight them! Have a great weekend! Happy Valentine's day! 💗❤️

  3. I'm chiming in here too to say I love your hair! I would absolutely do anything to have hair like yours. Isn't funny how the grass is always greener. lol

  4. Penny- Thank you! And you are so right! I think we're pretty good at being our own worst critics. ;) Hope you're having a great week!


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