Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Happy Wednesday, friends! Can you believe it's already August? School starts very soon here, and my heart (and prayers) go out to my friends who are teachers and the parents of school aged kiddos. I don't know where you fall in this category, but in the years before we began our homeschooling journey, I always hated to see the first day of school roll around. I cried every. single. year. that my kids had first days. I loved being around them all summer long and I loved the days of little to no routine. I always moped around the house with our big ole black lab that was still alive at that time, Andy. He was always a little sad too, when they had to leave home during the day.

That being said, if you're a teacher or a parent, I am praying for you and your kiddos. I always ask the Lord to help the transition be smooth for you all and that the Lord Himself would watch over and guide you throughout your school year. It's always a little exciting to start back, isn't it? The possibilities are endless.

Here is what I am currently admiring, anticipating, enjoying, spending and saving.


Cute outfits like this for the fall. Realistically, it's hotter than Hades in my area until late September/early October (and sometimes even until November) and I continue on wearing the same kind of outfit on repeat. My uniform mostly consists of cropped jeans/pants and long, flowy shirts/ponchos. 

Also, how could one not admire images like these? Especially when it's a gazillion degrees outside.


I'm not much of a hot weather type girl, can you tell? I am SO ready for fall and all the adorable fall decorations that I use each year to start decorating my house. 


Bible study starting back on August 18th! I love August for this reason―programs like Bible study and choir start back up at church. The summer months are always a good time for a period of rest, but by the end of July and beginning of August, I am ready to get back to a routine and for things to kick off once again. This stretch of the year is always my favorite and we are so close to getting into the B-E-R months that I love.

(We are studying the book of Esther this fall with the women in my church. I'd love to have you come and join us, even if you aren't local, because we're offering both on campus and online. Comment here for more information and I can pass that along, but if you're interested, let me know! Go here to register if you would for sure like to join. I will let you know how to purchase the book.) 


I'm still enjoying reading books on my Kindle. I've always either read actual books, or I've used the Kindle app on a tablet device that I had. I decided this summer that I wanted an actual Kindle because it's the only device that offers the no-glare screen and because as I age, my eyesight keeps changing. I no longer have to depend on pesky things like switching out my prescription glasses for reading glasses or making sure the overhead lamp is in just the right spot. I am much more likely to pick up this and start reading, and because of this, I've been reading a LOT more than usual.


I'm spending time on reading, studying for our upcoming Bible study that we're writing, in meetings with the writing team, planning for fun and exciting upcoming events and praying over lots and lots of things. 

I'm spending money on the same old, same old―necessities, getting my nails done and the occasional inexpensive book to read on my Kindle, if I can't find it to borrow for free. 

I really enjoy having my nails done and go once every three or four weeks. If you know me at all, you know how I love having polish on them at all times and because my nails are super thin and break easily, the dip powder is a good option for me. I started this habit the year I turned forty and haven't looked back since. I will go without something else so that I can splurge on this one thing.


I save money by borrowing books instead of buying them. Occasionally if I can't find a particular book to borrow, I will buy it when I see it for less than $5. Our local library supports the app Libby that I can use to borrow books through Amazon. I link my library account through the app and I can borrow several books at a time for three weeks. It's AMAZING and I love that it saves money. Also, when Todd bought me this Kindle, they automatically subscribed me to Kindle Unlimited for a few months, but I use it so much that we'll probably subscribe to it once the free trial runs out.

It's worth it, because I read a TON. (I'm on book number 40 of 2021.)

Well, thank you for reading my blog! I linked up to Anne from 💓 in residence for this blog post. Love to all! 


  1. I am so ready for the fall weather too! I am not a huge hot weather fan either & was just thinking I am more ready for mosquitos and bugs to go away. In the meantime, let's stay cool and hope you enjoy your day!

  2. My hubby got me my kindle on my birthday.... 12 years ago!!! I still love it. I bought a new one last year in case my Kindle would poop out soon - I mean, how long can it last??? but I'm not opening my new one till my old one doesnt make it. I cant live without my Kindle

  3. I love using the Libby app to get books from my Library. I've been checking out the Kindle Unlimited but not sure if I would use enough. Maybe when I retire I'll check into it again.

    We've had a little cooler weather the last few days and I've totally enjoyed it. I'm ready for fall, but not winter. lol

  4. Similar to Rebecca Jo, I received my first Kindle about twelve years ago. Mine finally died this year- I did not have a back up ready but I was at Target within a couple of hours of realizing mine was dead to get a new one :). I, too, get most of my books from the our library, digitally. Your fingernails are so pretty. #Goals. I know I could get mine done but I am so bad at maintenance. It is just easier to accept a life with unattractive nails, lol. I would love to join your Bible study remotely. I clicked on the link and it took me to the page but I did not see the option for remote Bible study.

  5. Ooh your nails look so good! And anything that encourages more reading is a great thing in my book (ha) - I love that I can also have the Kindle app on my phone, so if I don't have my Kindle with me, I can still read when I find pockets of time. All about those library loans on Kindle too - and if you haven't heard of this trick: if you have a book that the loan is about to expire on but you're not finished reading, turn off the Wifi on your Kindle, and then it can't disappear off of your device until you turn the Wifi back on ;-)

  6. You've got those cute nails again!! Sounds like a fun month...if just for the restart of Bible study. I would love to have more info about joining online - what a treat that would be! What day and time do you guys meet? My schedule is pretty flexible...except for Fridays. It is amazing to think of all the doors that have opened to us through live streaming and technology!! Definitely praying for you as you continue studying and preparing!! You can contact me through my email, if you prefer. (

  7. Oh my goodness, just reading the word “fall” has me all excited! Love that outfit you shared and that cozy home picture! Can’t believe it’s already time to get back in the swing of school... thank you for your prayers. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Oh! And I’m interested in learning more about your Bible study!

  9. Marilyn- RIGHT??? I'm ready to enjoy our deck again...we tend to just ignore it when it's so hot outside, because it's also very buggy. I am ready for firepit and outdoor tv watching weather!

  10. Rebecca Jo- I was not aware of what I was missing, apparently! I can totally see myself having a backup for when mine gets older. I feel your sentiment! I take it everywhere.

  11. Cathy- Isn't it grand? I love the cooler temps, but we'll be back to hot in a couple of days. I understand about the winter, too, I know lots of people who feel that way.

  12. Maria- I could see myself having a backup like Rebecca Jo! Ha. About Bible study- when you click on that page, if you go ahead and register, you'll be added to an email list and the videos will be mailed out weekly. As far as the books go, you'll have to call our church and order and have them ship it to you. Next time, hopefully will be through Amazon. Let me know if you get this and if that helps!

  13. Anne- thank you! And thanks for that trick! I hadn't heard that before.

  14. Jennifer- thank you! I'll share about Bible study tomorrow, a little more in depth. Our day to meet/video are on Wednesday mornings and nights. If you sign up, you'll be added to an email list and the videos will be emailed out weekly. I'll try to remember to email you to make sure you get this.

  15. Bri-Thank you! I'll post some more info about the Bible study on Thursday, I'm glad you're interested!

  16. I cannot wait for fall! I spent the last 10 years living in TX & now that I'm back in MN I am so ready for all things fall! That outfit is super cute!

  17. Bri @ Tumbleweed Vibes- YES!!! I know you are so excited about that! I wish we had more of a fall, honestly...ours is very mild.

  18. I am loving that back to school/fall look though I won't start wearing outfits like that until October (usually). I try to get most of my books through the library too and rarely buy any... unless I can't get the particular books I'm looking for.

  19. Joanne- me too! It's way too hot here to wear anything but my usual summer attire. I can have fun dreaming, though! That's great, I am loving borrowing all these books.


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