Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday Favorites, 10.1.21


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika today, for this weekly blog post. 

First up on my list are these pictures and what they represent.

My library! I wrote a blog post on Tuesday called "Tuesday Around Town", in which I share about the beautiful place I call home. You can click on that title and read the post for yourself, if you're interested. Our lovely library is one of my favorite places to be. Reading is my favorite and so are some of those books you see in the picture above. 

Speaking of reading, another favorite post from this week are the books I read in September! You can read about them here, if you're interested. 

This book is my newest favorite Christmas book that I've read. I don't usually read Christmas books in September, but this was the next book in the series I'm reading, so I went with it. It was SO, SO good! Pamela Kelley is one of my new favorite authors, mostly because of her books and writing, but also because she communicates with her readers. I'm in an online book club with her on Facebook and she responds to everything I've said there. I love that! 

On a lighter note, I almost spit my drink out when I saw this on social media this week.

Funny memes are my favorite! I promptly sent this to two of my besties and to the GroupMe text I have going with my mom, sisters and niece.

Favorite outfit of the week: pictured above. I love these wedges and yes, I know it's fall, but it's still hot where I live. I'll be wearing sandals until I absolutely cannot anymore. These are my favorite, by Bussola. They're pricey, but they're worth every penny. They're great if you have any issues at all with your feet, like I do. I tend to have tendonitis issues, my feet always ache and I've been struggling with plantar fasciitis for the last couple of weeks. (I am not complaining, though, it could be so much worse! I'm just making a point about how amazingly comfy these shoes are.) 

I have them in brown too, but this color is my favorite.

I shared this on  Wednesday, but my favorite thing is seeing my sons thrive. These are Jonah's and Noah's vehicles...Jonah's is the Ford truck, Noah's is a Hyundai Genesis. I love seeing them have a sense of pride over being independent.

Two days last week and one day this week, I got to go into this building that is on our town square. You can hear and smell the history of the building the minute you open that door. Old and beautiful buildings are one of my favorite things in life...and this stems way back to when I was a young girl. I have always been fascinated with architecture, but the older and more unique something is, the better. 

I'm not saying I want to own something old, like an older home, but they're fun to look at and learn about.

One of my favorite parts of my quiet time each day is writing out Scripture. Shannon from puts these plans out each month. You can click on that link for a printable version, or you can just save this to your phone. Want to join me? The reason why I love writing out Scripture is because it commits it more to my memory. 

Lastly, my favorite past time this week has been reading. I've read three books this week alone! I don't even mean since last weekend, I mean from Monday to last night. I know I've already mentioned the post about the books I read in September, but you really need to go read it and check out the books I read by her that were so good. I cannot recommend them enough!

Well, thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. ❤


  1. Those shoes are so cute! Such a pretty staircase too with the brick wall. That gives so much character and I'm sure like you said, so much history behind it. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. How in the world do you read so much!?! It is impressive - and mind-blowing!! Love your outfit of the week...and cute shoes!! Yeah:) Hope your weekend ahead is a blessed one. Happy October!:)

  3. You’re adorable! Love that outfit and those wedges. That meme is hilarious!!!! 😆

  4. Thanks, Marilyn! You can hear and feel how old these stairs are. I love that sound and even the musty smell of the building. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Thanks, Jennifer! Well, add to the fact that I'm alone a lot and also an introvert and a fast reader, and there you have it! Thanks for the kind words about my outfit'll be my favorite outfit this whole season. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Bri, you're so sweet! Thank you. And is that not hilarious? I almost spewed my drink. I hope you're having a great weekend!


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