Wednesday, November 3, 2021

currently, 11.03.21


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Anne at in residence for this monthly blog post. Each month we talk about what we're currently appreciating, getting, making, sharing and wearing.

I am currently appreciating the cooler weather and an easy week. I LOVE starting my week off with a day at home and I got to do just that on Monday. It was just me and our three dogs...without little Oakley, our grand puppy. Things are definitely quieter without her here, but midway through the day, I  started missing her! I did a bunch of laundry and some light cleaning and straightening up around the house, I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies, read a book and made us a yummy dinner. 

I also appreciated the fact that my husband was home on Halloween night so that we could sit outside in the driveway and pass out goodies to all the little ghosts and goblins that came our way. He's not usually home on this night, so we took full advantage and handed out things we had from our pantry like slim Jim's, fruit snacks, Hershey's candy and fudge rounds. (There was no candy to be found, so we improvised.)

Next week, I am getting ready to transition from fall decorations over to Christmas. I know it's early, but let's not judge one another, okay? There are some strong opinions on this controversial topic! I used to feel strongly about it too, but truthfully, I love the entire holiday season so much that I want to enjoy it in our home for as long as possible. I'm saying next week...I'm going to try to wait that long! No promises, though.

I am also getting my fill of my favorite movies! I watch one every single day while I eat lunch...and sometimes I watch two in one day. 

I am enjoying making dinner on Monday nights these days...usually on these nights there are just three of us that eat at home: Todd, Noah and me. On these nights I find myself making things like charcuterie boards and soup/pasta, or putting out a tray of shrimp cocktail with some other munchies. I'm writing this on Monday night, so we had smoked sausage, cheese cubes, crackers and buttered noodles with parmesan cheese for dinner that night.

With the holidays almost upon us, I'm about to making plans for gifts from us this year. Each year I make out a list of people that we buy for, and I start paying attention when I go out with my mom and sister. Sometimes I order online, but I'd love to shop small this year as much as I'm able to do so. I have some ideas floating around in my head already and I've already started a note on my phone. I know that I don't want to wait too long to do this and I like to wrap several presents at once so that we can have a stash going under the tree. This will be easier than ever this year, since I'm home alone. I love to wrap gifts!

I'm currently sharing gift ideas of my own. My birthday is in December, and I have been asked to come up with some gift ideas for my mom and my mom-in-love. I like to really think on this and I love to pick out something meaningful, or something that I would love and wouldn't want to buy for myself. I've asked for things like a new Bible, slippers that are pricey and that I wanted and needed, a pretty necklace to remind me of something special, a new purse, a coat I'd been get the idea. It's hard to come up with gift ideas! Honestly, I'd prefer a day out with each of them over a gift any day. Quality time is my top love language.

Currently I am wearing pajamas, because it's Monday night. It's been cooler here, so when the weather dips, I pull out my favorite hoodie to wear at home.

We keep it colder in the house in the fall and winter, so that means we dress accordingly. We switch over to fleece or flannel pajamas, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, house shoes and that sort of thing. We sleep with a heavier blanket on our bed, as do all our sons. We love cold weather! When I'm not wearing pajamas, I'm wearing jeans or leggings with tunic style shirts or cardigans. I'm not the kind of person who likes boots, though I wish I did! So, I wear flats or my favorite slip on tennis shoes when the weather changes. I will say about boots that this year I love the kind that are trending. They take me right back to my high school days and remind me of that infamous grunge style that was prevalent in the nineties. I even found cute ones at Target over the weekend, but if I buy shoes I like to go to DWS or Rack Room.

I also love poncho style sweaters/tops, like this one I had on when we went out to dinner last week with our sons, their friends and my in-love's. Basically, I'm a boring dresser. I wear lots of similar things and in  color that are more neutral. I could actually use a few things to add to my wardrobe and went to one place on Saturday to look, but they were closed due to staffing issues.

Y'all. Our world has officially gone crazy! I've heard of more places closing because of this and it's so sad. It's scary to think about what this is doing to our economy and what it will look like for my sons and their future families, Lord willing. This is why I'm determined to shop smaller more this Christmas! It's also a great reminder for how we should treat the ones who do show up to work—with kindness, grace, patience and love. I'm reminding myself of this, trust me.

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. ❤


  1. I think you have a darling clothing style and not boring (you always look so cute in the pictures you post). I know what you mean about workers- I used to find myself annoyed if I was driving and in a bit of a hurry and some slow utility/ work/ big rig type truck was in front of me going slower than I wanted it to and I couldn't pass it. But, I am adjusting my attitude and now have more of a spirit of thankfulness for the drivers. Your idea to shop small is such a good one. I am used to the easy online way but I should shop small.

  2. Thank you, Maria! That is so sweet of you to say. One thing I have to be is comfortable...I'm never willing to sacrifice that for style, no matter what. I have been like that as well, impatient, in a hurry...and the Lord convicted me so strongly over it that it took Him to change my perspective and attitude. I'm so glad He did, though! We have some really great small shops around us here, so it's easy to do, but for our sons, we'll most likely still use Amazon/online places because of what they're asking for. I hope you have a great day!

  3. I'm a boring dresser too - give me all the neutral colors. At least it all goes together.
    I love me some comfy warm PJ's - I need to get some new ones.
    Why do people care if you decorate early??? I love the twinkle of lights in my home - I always keep mine up through january & I get a lot of comments about it too -LOL YOU DO YOU when it comes to your home being decorated!

  4. May I request prayer for my son - Jabin. He is 15 and wants to get a job. He has applied for one job and will be submitting more applications this weekend. He is a hard worker but needs some guidance at first due to his Aspergers. We pray a door will open for him and he can bless the employer. Thanks!!

  5. I don't mind if people decorate or celebrate the holidays early. If it makes you happy, go for it. I need to watch more of the Hallmark movies - I've only seen one new one this year so far!

    Lauren @

  6. Lauren- RIGHT? That's how I feel. I judge no never know what people go through in their lives, so who am I to say anything one way or another? You have to watch some more of those movies, they've been really good so far. I watched Coyote Creek Christmas yesterday and it was really good! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great day.

  7. I'm loving the cooler weather too and all the cozy clothes! All the more reason to decorate earlier for Christmas :). I will start the end of next week decorating and I'm excited. It always makes me organize my holiday stuff, so that's a plus too, ha!

  8. I always wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate but I just told my kids yesterday that I think I will pack up fall this weekend and get ready to get all the Christmas out. The season goes so quick, why not have it out longer?! I would love to know what Bible you are looking at for your birthday… I’m Bible obsessed! 😍

  9. Jen- I will absolutely pray for your sweet boy. How precious that Jabin wants to work! I don't know where you live or if you have one nearby, but my boys started working at Chick Fil A when they were 14. Their hours under the age of sixteen are limited, but it was a perfect first job! Maybe that's something you could look into for him...and what an amazing company to work for! They both loved their time there and even got to meet the CEO (CFO?) of the corporation one time. I will pray specifically for the Lord to give you all wisdom as you discuss this and pray for this in your family. Keep me posted, please!

  10. Marilyn, me too! I started doing a little of that today, but I stopped when I got overwhelmed. Ha! I may do that tomorrow...I didn't feel great today, so I was lazy all day. I hope your day was good!

  11. Bri, we used to wait too, but the older I get, the more I like to have it out to enjoy. How fun! I'm so excited about starting soon. I'm not going to ask for one this year, I think I'm going to read through the one I'm currently using as my Bible reading plan for 2022. I love the one I currently have, it's the rose gold leather touch She Reads Truth Bible. I love the wide margins and the beautiful artwork throughout! I'm Bible obsessed too. Ha!

  12. I like your thinking, Rebecca Jo! That's why I've gone to neutrals more than anything. Also, I hate to shop for clothes, so they seem to last longer than just one trendy season. And right??? Why would people care about that? Everyone has such strong opinions these days. Whatever someone has to do to make it through, they should do that, if it brings them joy. I just love this time of year!

  13. I too want to shop small this holiday season. It's so important to our local businesses. Also, now I want a whole day just to watch Hallmark movies and drink tea.

  14. I'm planning to have charcuterie boards and soup for more dinners this fall and winter - down to four of us living at home now and with everyone's schedules all over the place, dinner needs to be flexible! Loved visiting you today, and will try to make some return visits!

    currently #23

  15. Natasha- YES, about shopping small! I know I won't be able to do that for everything, but as much as I'm able, I plan to try. I hope you get a day just like that soon! Have a great weekend!

  16. Kym- I get that too! We went from six to five and we're never ALL here at the same time. I've been doing lots of charcuterie boards, lots of snack type dinners, leftover and things like pasta and shrimp cocktail. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


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